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Johnson Emmanuel (& his team) will help you build a simple marketing system that will attract clients to you instead of you going to chase client'

John Lee Dumas - Multi-millionaire, Founder, EOFIRE

Johnson Emmanuel(and his team) is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. I highly recommend Johnson and his team.

Jeanin CerundMeditation Coach/Consultant


How Hannah Went From Zero To  $1,283,016 in a Single Year (WITHOUT Any Employee)



Dear Coach,consultants or service-based business owner,

How do you start a business and go from zero to $1,283,016 in a single year without hiring any employee?

Is it possible?

Meet Hannah, one of our amazing clients (and now a good friend of the house).

Many people think Hannah has some magical powers that allows her to hypnotize people and have them throw money at her or something but she doesn’t.

She’s just the regular average 'Joe'.

When she started her business, she didn't want to "buy herself a job" and she didn't want to build a $100k per year coaching business working 80 hours a week.

She wanted to build a multi-million dollar coaching business that ran with very little involvement from her.

She  wanted to make a huge impact with a minimal time commitment, so she could spend as much time as possible with her husband and little girl...

Within the first year, her coaching business brought in $1,283,016 in total revenue, as you can see from this Profitwell screenshot she took:

Between April 2016 (when she started) and April 2017, the business grew from $0 to $160,972 in monthly recurring revenue.

Well, may be i should say that again...

$0 to $160,972 in monthly recurring revenue.

Total time required to run the business?

11 hours per week.

Total team size?

She and a part-time virtual assistant.

So how was Hannah able to build a $1M per year business working only 11 hours per week?

I'll be upfront...

It wasn't an easy journey because she knew practically nothing about business, and she wasn't even sure what she needed.

And she was running out of cash.

However, we were able to do something remarkable for her...

Which was choosing the right business model based on our experience of working with other coaches, consultants and professional services providers...

... and that business model involved 3-core pillars:

1: Power offer.

2: 96/4 Clients ONLY.

3: Collect premium fees.

That's it.

Nothing more.

These were the ONLY 3 things we did to explode Hannah's business, and we also used it for other clients of ours.

I’ve personally used it again and again in ALL my companies and it’s the reasons our companies are grow insanely.

There’s nothing stopping you from seeing REMARKABLE growth if you pick this same business model.

When I first got started in business, I was working my butt off and the reward was just too insignificant.

My business was dying before my very eyes until I made the change.

I must be upfront with you, it wasn’t easy making that change.

I had internal and external limiting beliefs but when I broke them, my businesses started growing insanely.

Once I fixed this in our business, things changed for us and our clients also see the same results,too.

So in summary, if you want to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business, focus on just 3 things:

1: Power offer.

2: 96/4 Clients ONLY.

3: Collect premium fees.

First, you want to have  what we call POWER OFFER, that is, a compelling,irresistible offer that your market cannot afford to say 'NO' to. 

Then, you want to place that offer in-front of the 4% of people that will bring in 96% of your revenue.

Lastly, you want to ask for a minimum of $2,000.  We would even want you to ask for more.

And if you think they won't pay or it won't work wont for your type of business, that's because you've not met us.

So, here's the deal...

Since we just met, I want to give you a Customized Premium Clients Acquisition Blueprint specifically for your type of business.

We usually charge $1,000 but you're getting it FREE.

We'll design it to fit into your type of business, it works in every business, we've tested it in more than 40 different markets.

Here's What I Need You To Do:

Click on the link below, and follow it through.

I must warn you, we're very,very picky because we want people who are really hungry to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

So, go ahead, and click the link below.

My advice is that you do it now because we usually have alot of people taking up this offer, and i cannot guarantee that you'll get it when you leave.

Again, click the link and grab your $1,000 offer.

What Our Users Are Saying:

Great Job , Johnson! I just closed the third sales in 6days at $5,000 each. Dude, this is Awesome! Your system works like gangbusters. You have just helped me restore confidence back in myself. Thanks for your help.

Rushang Chauhan - Software Engineer/Technologist

small business coaching training

Johnson,I bought your book on premium clients attraction,guess what?

I already have 4 Premium Clients within 10days. Dude, you rock! Thank you!

Laura Nze - Digital Media Consultant

johnson emmanuel book

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