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How To Earn More Money, Make A Bigger Impact In The World and Work Less By Starting A Business That Gives You Freedom, Fortune and Fame...

Without Getting Overwhelmed, Frustrated or Breaking the bank

If you want people to pay you handsomely for what you would even love to do for free and you are passionate about impacting the lives of people around the world by owning a business that gives you freedom, fulfillment and abundance, THIS IS FOR YOU!

​You were born to make a bigger impact in this life and the world needs you, there’s something special about you that no one has.

​Imagine having…

  • Deep happiness and fulfillment knowing you’re sharing your gifts, passion, expertise or knowledge in a big way that changes the lives of people.
  • No ceiling on your income so you can earn any amount you like. You’re free to make any amount of money doing what you love, without burning out, getting frustrated or stressed.
  • Raving (& loyal) fans who love the transformation and results they get from working with you.
  • The flexibility to work part-time and run your business from anywhere.
  • The ability to transform the lives of hundreds, thousands or millions of people around the world.

​For example…

Sarah Jones is a young lady who advises introverted guys on how to attract beautiful women into their lives, she has not only built a business that pays her over $240,000 per year, she has also changes the lives of hundreds of men around the world.

​So, if you are a guy and you are the shy type, Sarah Jones will show you how to attract the kind of woman you want in your life. That is her business.

John Lee Dumas has built a $10,000,000 business teaching people what he is passionate about and in the process touched millions of lives around the world.

​He inspires business owners so they can achieve more in their lives. Today, he has built a $10 million dollar business from that.

Purna Chando is a guy who knows how to use Microsoft Excel very well, so he decided to build a business around it. That is what he knows and today, he makes over $1 million dollar every single year.

​Apart from the fact that John Lee Dumas is a personal friend of mine, so many of my students in different countries around the world have also done it.

Soon, you will meet Tomiwa Ogunremi, a guy that is very passionate about helping unmarried men get married and stay happy. He has build a 6figures business doing just that.

Bertha Ikedum is another students of mine, she's passionate about gift wrapping. She has build a successful people showing other people how to wrap gifts, make more sales with gift wrapping.

Your advises, talents, skill, passion or expertise has the ability to change someone’s life forever.

It could help to save marriages or restore relationship, repair families, change someone’s health, it could make someone find happiness, it could restore hope, it could help someone make more money, it could free someone from detention, and it could grow businesses, etc.

​People want to pay you handsomely for your advice, gifts, talents and expertise. T

The most valuable thing you have right now is NOT the money in the bank,

It is NOT the real estate properties,

It is NOT the fleet of cars

It is NOT the goods in the warehouse.

It is NOT the expensive jewelry.

​The most valuable thing you have right now is 'WHAT YOU KNOW'

​A few years ago, I heard one of the wealthiest pastors in the world say that he could recreate his wealth in 6 months.

This pastor is extremely rich and super successful. He has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. He has two universities, privates jets, multi-billion dollar publishing company and branches of his church all over the world.

He said if you take everything he has right now and take him to the poorest country in the world, he would reproduce everything within 6 months.


I thought he was actually bragging because I have heard a lot of pastors say different things but this man has proven result.

I didn’t believe him until 2006.

In 2006, I own one of the leading mobile phone shops in the country. We were dealing on assorted mobile phones, just name any brand of phone or digital gadget, you will get it from us and trust me, life was really, really good.

One day, I got to the office and met the place burgled. I lost every single thing I had worked for. The guys didn’t even spare my ‘I pass my neighbor' generator. I had to start life from scratch.


In 2007, I managed to survive and made some money. I heard real estate was the ‘real thing’ so I decided to invest in real estate.

Guess what happened?

I lost the properties and the money, again, I had to start life from square one.

Then in 2008,I made some money again and this time, I decided to do what I thought was the 'smartest move'. I invested in the stock market heavily. Of course, you and I know what happened to the stock market.

The stock market crash and all my life savings crashed with it.

​Here’s the thing…

The most important asset you have right now is NOT your real estate,

it is NOT your fleet of cars,

it is NOT the money in the bank,

it is NOT the jewelry,

it is NOT your shares in the stock market.

Don't get me wrong, all those things are great if you have them but ...

The most important asset you have right now is 'WHAT YOU KNOW'  because If you lose everything you have right now (God forbid!), you can get them back because of 'what you know'.

So, the billionaire pastor was very correct, he wasn’t bragging.

The level of impact that 'what you know' can have on the life of someone is IMMEASURABLE. There are a lot of money to be made and most important, FREEDOM and the opportunity to transform the lives of others. 

People want to pay you for your passion, skill, talent and expertise. They want you to turn it into a 6 or 7figure business.

​According to Forbes, there are over 300 BILLION dollars to be made from this industry every single year and it is expected to raise by 28% yearly.


Hello, my friend, my name is Johnson Emmanuel. People refer to me as Africa’s #1 business growth & marketing strategist.

The founder of Clients Attraction,I help businesses rapidly grow their revenue by helping them to generate customers/clients and make consistent sales using online marketing.

My clients have been featured on CNN, Forbes, Fox, CNBC, New York Times and many other leading global news outlets. I have been featured On Top Ranked America Podcasts including Conscious Millionaire Podcast which INC describes on 'The Top Business Podcast'

Here’s what a multi-millionaire and top industry expert have to say about me and what I do…

John L Dumas Founder, Multi-millionaire & EntrepreneurOnFire

 Johnson Emmanuel lays out the proven roadmap that shows you how to take what you already have inside your head and turn it into a successful business that gives you a lot of fortune, fame and freedom.

Business is really doing fine and life is great for me because people pay me handsomely to do what I would even be happy to do for free, and that is what I want for you too.

Over the years, I have helped over 3000 people (in different countries around the world) launch their own businesses using only their passion, skills, expertise or talent.

​Once you launched (or relaunch) your own business using my strategies, you’ll say goodbye to…

Inconsistent money inflow Time and location freedom …

and most important, impacting the lives of millions of people. This is more important than money.

I want you to look closely...

#1: In Purna's case, he has a skill and he quickly turned it into a $1 Million dollar online business despite bad electricity in his country and unstable internet network. (Do you have any skill you would love to turn into a profitable online business?)

#2: In Sarah's case, she's knowledge about something and she quickly turned it into $120,000 per year business, and then quit her day job. (Are you knowledgeable about anything that you would like to turn into a business?) It could be that you were fat before but you are now slim and fit, people would like to know how you did it.

Infact, you could even be like one of my amazing students...

Tomiwa Ogunremi who was very shy talk​ing to ladies. he was so shy that before he could approach any woman, he would need like 4 of his friends to go with him.

Immediately he came out of the 'mess', he knew he had to build a message around that mess so he could help other guys and he did.

He has a very flourishing, highly profitable and thriving business showing guys how to get the women of their dream.

Yours could be that you have a successful marriage, you could start helping others do the same.

Infact, so long you have accomplish anything, no matter how small or big, then you are knowledgeable and you have what it takes to build a 6 figures business.

​ #3: In the case of John lee Dumas, who is very passionate about Podcasting and quickly turned it into a 10 Million dollars online business, you too can do the same. (What are you very passionate about that you would like to turn into a highly profitable online business?)

...and these people i mentioned started and grew a business that allows them to live their dream life style, and also impact the lives of others.

The most intriguing aspect is that, the trend is even bigger than you can imagine. People are turning their passion, skills or knowledge into 6 and 7 figure business everyday in multiple industry like...

​Dating. Business.Relationship.Personal finance. Social skills.Software.Social media. Marketing.Cooking.Health.Writing.Reading.Productivity. Human Resources.Web Design. Networking.University Admission. Professional Exams Success. Tutorial. Music.Yoga. Fitness.Food,etc. ​

​I know you are already screaming, 'this is remarkable,Johnson!'

​You already saw the proof.

Regular people are turning their passion, skills and knowledge into a profitable online business, and they are doing it in 30+ industries.

They are NOT technical people.

They had doubts and fears at the beginning but they decided to take action because they know that was the right thing to do.

In many cases, it was their first attempt and they hit the 'bull's eye'.

They are not special persons and there's nothing special about them.They didn't have enough money but they decided to still do it.

​And these people are doing EXTREMELY well...


If you are like one of those three people, and you want to turn your passion, skills or expertise into a 6 or 7-figures per month business, I've got a great news for you.​

​When you come on the internet, you will see endless ways to earn make money from the internet.

Do they all work?

Honestly, i can't say but what i know works best is what I'm telling you about because it has been proven, over, over and over and over again.​

I know you are smart, you will rather stick with what has already been proven, over and over, and over again.

Now, if you are just getting started, this is great for you because you will be starting on a right path so you'll not make 'stupid' mistakes that others are making which means, you will start seeing results in few short weeks or months instead of waiting for '10 years'.

​All you need is a passion, skills or knowledge and if you are NOT sure what yours is yet, I'll help you discover it.

...And if you are already doing business online, I have a quick question for you.

Are you as successful as you could be?

Are you satisfied with your result so far?

If NOT, it is time to scale things to the 'next level' and I'm here to help you.​

​I know you want to start and grow your own online business using your passion,skills or knowledge, I know that for a fact.

How do I know that?

I know that because you wouldn't have made it this far.

The BIG question is, what's holding you back?

After doing years and years of research, I have found out that, there are a few reasons people say 'NO' to something that they would have said 'YES' and because of this singular reason, they remain at the same point in their lives and business, year in, year out.

''I'm Very Busy Right Now, I don't have time for sometime else, how do I handle that?''

We are all busy.

That is exactly the problem.

Things will NEVER change if you keep doing what you have always done.We'll all be busy until the day we'll be called home.

A friend of mine recently got married and she was asked 'was it the right time?' She responded 'they say there's never a right time in life'.

​Starting a new thing is exactly the same thing, there's never going to be the right time.

When you make up your mind to start it now, you will immediately figure that it was actually the right time.

If you are too busy right now, it is a sign that you need to start a new business that gives you freedom,fortune and the opportunity to impact lives.


''I Have Never Done It Before''

Let's say you have decided that you will 'pull the trigger' and that you have the time right now but the next BIG issue now could be 'I have NEVER done it before'.

​I remember the first time I got started, I wasn't sure I will be able to do it but I made up my mind to just do it and see how it goes, and like they say, the 'rest is history'.

The best part for you today is that you'll have a 'mentor' who has done it multiple times, many years in 18+ industries. So you are 'insured'.​

​''I Don't Have Enough Money''


If you do what you are currently doing, you will NEVER have enough money.

If you want to have enough money, you need to do something different that will guarantee consistent inflow of money even if you are sleeping, and to me and many others, that is what turning our passion,skills and knowledge has allowed us to do.

Look at it from this angle, which is more expensive, holding to what you currently have or investing it so you can have a better tomorrow.

I had a client who was totally down, she's American.

​When we got working, she had only $3,200 in her credit card and my fee was $3000.

It wasn't easy for her but she decided to invest the $3000 and we got working together, within 3 weeks, she made $25,000. Just imagine what could have happened if she decided to hold on to that $3000.

Today, she's built a $1 Million dollar business in the dating industry.

What you have right now in your hand is the ticket to what you want in life and business, period!


MONETIZED: The Ultimate Step By Step System For Turning Your Passion, Talent, Skills, Expertise or Knowledge Into  6 Figure Online Business Without Getting Overwhelmed, Frustrated or Breaking The Bank

​A 6weeks coaching program where you'll learn...

Week 1: Discovering the most profitable business model, Identifying profitable Niche,plotting your income goal map, etc.

Week 2: Premium Positioning, Branding and Packaging. Eg, creating offers that people will beg to buy, How to structure your business for quick profit, Building confidence and charging premium fees, etc

Week 3: Preselling. Eg, Using the 'LHF Method' to get clients without paying for ads, the 3 proven steps to get clients without spending a dime on ads and many more.

Week 4: Passive Clients Getting System:  How to create assets that spits out money, how to create simple marketing systems that brings clients to you instead of you going to chase them,selling without actually selling and alot more.

Week 5: Getting the people. How to create Facebook ads that bring clients to you every single day, the 4Ms of Facebook advertising successes, 3 channels to get traffic without spending money on advert.

Week 6: Keeping the customers for long. How to sell repeatably to the same customers, how to deliver exceptional service to the customers, how to get more sales from the same customer, etc.

​Value= $2,500

Once you sign up for Monetized, you'll also get these FREE BONUSES.

Bonuses #1: Thrive Themes Plugin & Themes

This is one of the most powerful tools to create clients attraction system that will bring clients to your business on a daily basis without needing to pay monthly fees. 

​Once you have this tool, you'll be able to have a clients generation machine that brings clients to your business every single day and the best part is that you will also be serving over $2,000 per year in monthly expenses for a tool like this.

Value = $588

​Bonus #2: FREE Email Marketing Service Tool

Yes, I'm going to reveal a secret tool that will help you store all the data of your prospects, we call it email service provider or ESP. This tool will keep up to 1,000 of your clients, you can send them automated email messages to make them buy your product or service.​

Once you have access to this tool, you'll be able to send messages to your prospects every single day.

​Value= $228

​Bonus #3: Clients Generation Email Tool

​I call this '5Days Clients Generator Email', it's a tool we designed in house for generating clients, all you have to do is to combine it with Bonus #2, fold your arms and watch the clients come to you.

​It is one of the best tools we ever developed and our clients' results proves that. 90% of our clients who ever got access to this great tool have had marvelous results.

One person deployed it and got 20 clients in less than 72hours, she had to turn off her system because she couldn't handle demand.

Value= $497

Bonus #4: Facebook Advert Success Template.

​Goodness! Facebook has transformed my business and those of my clients and students. All the customers you need are on Facebook, no matter what you do, no matter your price point, no matter your market.

This tool will help you know how to easily setup your Facebook advert running in less than 10 minutes and we also have a full lesson that shows you how to use it and another video showing you how to setup your Facebook advert even if you are a total newbie. It's stupid simple.

Value= $297

​Bonus #5: High Level Players Inner Room

​You'll get instant access to a private community where you'll meet with other students who're in the program, you'll also have direct access to me in the room, we you answer all your questions and other students are incredibly helpful also. You'll never walk alone, never!

​Value = $197

​Yes, you will get IMMEDIATE access to Monetized and all the bonuses I just mentioned, every single thing will be given to you right now once you grab it.

The Total value of what you'll get is $4,307 but  You're NOT going to pay anything close, not today.

​If you sign up RIGHT NOW, I'm going to give you everything for just...

 $299, only!


​I know that $299 is small compare to the actual value of the package but I want you to get started right now and I want to help you remove anything that will hinder you from starting.

Secondly, I want to keep away freebie seekers from the way so that I can help only serious minded people who want to transform the lives of millions of people out there.

Thirdly, this is my 'value in advance' trick. We just met and i believe that i should first give you value. So, Once you get this program for $299, I believe you'll love it so much that you'll want to do more business with me.

J. Cerrodunlo

 Johnson Emmanuel is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. Again, Johnson is a marketing beast!

Rahed Chauhan

Business Coach

 Great Job , Johnson! I just closed the third sales in 6days at $5,000 each. Dude, this is Awesome! Your system works like gangbusters. Thanks for your help.


​Let me tell you this…

This offer is as good as now because once the timer hits zero, you will lose the opportunity to get this offer. Yes, this page will automatically disappear once the timer reaches zero.

I know when people say something is going off, it usually isn't. So many people tell you 'if you don't buy now, you'll...' and when you come back, you still find that stuff there. People who do that, lack integrity, they are trading their integrity for money.

People who do that wont last long in business. If I tell you something is going off, it is going off. So it's best you act right now.

Secondly, due to the demand on my time, I will be able to talk to only a few people on the phone. Remember bonus #2? To get that life-changing bonus, you need to grab the program now because I can only talk to a few people due to the demand on my time. Don’t cheat yourself on this one. Don’t procrastinate, do it right now.

​Investing in this program is going to be one of the best decisions you can ever make and you'll thank me for many year to come because it's a 'life-changer'.

​I look forward to seeing you inside the program.

Many thanks!

Johnson Emmanuel​

​PS: Incase you are like me who reads from the bottom, the point is I'm going to give you access to a Monetize, a program that shows you how to launch a 6figures online business.

It's a total value of $4,300 but you're going to get immediately access to the program for just $299. However, you must act right now because once the timer hits zero, it'll disappear. CLICK HERE TO GAIN ACCESS