About Us

First, let us start by welcoming you to Clients Attraction!

We are so thrilled to have you here.

So, if you are a coach, consultant, professional service provider,  or a business owner, you are in the right place. Read this carefully.

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you are in the right place.
‘’How do I get clients, sell to them at the right price, anytime I want?’’
‘’How do I package high ticket programs and entice people to buy it?’’
‘’How do I optimize my impact, freedom, and revenue?’’
‘’How do I take my business to my first (or next) 6, 7 or 8 figures super quick?’’

At Clients Attraction, we believe that you should not run after clients. Seriously, why should you even ‘run’ after client? Is it not better they are attracted to you consistently?

We believe that every business needs a dependable clients attraction system that runs like clockwork. If you want clients, you turn it on. If you ‘fetch’ enough, you turn it off. When I say clients, I mean high ticket clients, clients that will appreciate your service or products.

Have you seen the trend on the internet lately? One ‘expert’ will advise you to blog 7 days a week, another comes to say no, don’t only blog 7 times a week, spend more time promoting your blog.

When you trying to think of how to do that, another self-acclaimed ‘guru’ shows up and says the best thing to do is to start a podcast, do infographics, stay glued to Facebook status update, embrace affiliate marketing, etc.

Here’s the thing, if you spend 7days blogging, and another 7days promoting it or creating social media post, what time will you have to grow your revenue?  Want to know the truth? None of those things matter. What matters is your Bottomline. You simply need more sales, more revenue.

We believe every business needs a consistent client, serious you need to know how to get clients everything and it’s best if you have a predictable client attraction system that attracts clients or customers to your business every single day.

Most of these so called ‘gurus’ don’t even take their own advice. Yes, that stuff may have worked in the past, but the internet flows with speed.

That is why at Clients Attraction, we help coaches, consultants, Businesses & business owners, and professional service provider optimized their revenue, freedom, and income, by building a dependable clients attraction system that works like clockwork so they can attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want it.

We use internet marketing strategies and techniques to help you acquire more leads, make more sales by designing and executing customized marketing & sales system that is dependable, so that you can grow your revenue in a predictable & repeatable fashion.

We believe that a $97 program is informational, but a $3000 program is transformational. The world does not need more information. The world needs more transformation. That is exactly what we help you do at Clients Attraction.

Package & Launch a high ticket transformational program or service, attract the right clients consistently to the program, and then scale your revenue and impact without sacrificing your freedom.

When it comes to paid media,lead attraction & conversion, business growth strategies, high ticket sales funnel development, we one of the best in the entire world, the

If your marketing is not getting the result you want, it’s not your fault. We’re not going to start the ‘blame game’. We exist to help you grow your business super quick.

Everything about us is unique. Totally different. Our marketing approach is unique. Everything about your business is also unique.

 If anybody tries to tell you that this ‘plug and play’ online marketing strategies will work for you, without taking the time to fully understand how your business works, then it’s either the person is completely clueless about  marketing & sales or he’s just trying to make a sale.

That is why we do the exact opposite. When we refer to our Clients, you will never hear us call them ‘customers’ because they mean more than that to us. They are our clients, we are their advisor.

We told you we do the exact opposite of what most marketing agencies do, we cherish our clients, their success is our success, we celebrate their success.

What’s the next Step?

If you asked that question, you are super smart. First, you have to meet someone. He’s the founder/CEO,Clients Attraction (CA, for short)

Enter Johnson!

Dear friend,

I’m so thrilled to have you here…

johnsonMy name is Johnson Emmanuel. I’m the founder and CEO of, Clients Attraction. People call me Business growth & strategic marketing consultant.  What a sexy name!

Look, I’m not going to talk to you in the third person voice. I know that most ‘ABOUT US’ pages on the internet are usually written in the third person voice even though it’s written by the owner of the company, instead of making it sound like you are talking to a friend, which is actually what it is.

So, I prefer to talk to you one-on-one. Isn’t it better?


Quick story. Humans love stories. The first time I tried starting a business, I thought one juju priest from Africa placed a ‘curse’ on me.

I failed at almost everything. I tried all the stuff the ‘gurus’ said I should. I blogged 7times a day, promoted  my  blog post like crazy, I started a podcast, I created multiple infographics, I spent hours on social media,I wrote a book, I did cold email , I did influencer marketing, I did LinkedIn marketing, in fact, I did 1000’s of things.

I did everything NOT to fail but I failed WOEFULLY!

I learned something from my experience. Most of this self-acclaimed ‘gurus’ are ‘talkers’, they are not ‘doers’. What I did immediately was to stop taking advice from the ‘wrong’ people.

Most so called ‘gurus’ don’t even take their own advice.

So, I asked myself this question. ‘What is the most important ‘thing’ in a business?’ I had to ask the right questions to get the solution to my ‘problem’.

I brainstormed on this question for weeks before I arrived at what seem like the answer to the question. Do you want to know what I concluded?

I concluded that my failure was as a result of lack of consistent inflow of customers to my business. Think about it for a second, if you have  consistent inflow of clients to your business, you will also have enough money, and hitting your business goal won’t be a problem.

Yes, I know that poor accounting record could lead to a business failure but to me, poor ‘book keeping’ is like 2% of the reason(s) why businesses fail. After all, the accountant or ‘book keeper’ needs to have positive ‘figures’ to work with. How do you get that figures (or money) if there are no clients or revenue to count? I’m talking of positive figures, aka, Money.

I concluded that the only thing I needed to focus on was getting clients consistently to my business. So, I started doing all manner of stuff but what  worked well for me was cold emailing.

So, I would look up a business in a directory and cold email the founder and ‘hoped’ that it works. Well, it was working and I was getting some few clients but I soon realize that there were four problems with that method;

1: It was not a scalable method
2: You were at the mercy of the ‘gatekeeper’.
3: Your true value will not be appreciated.
4: Payment is always delayed. You have to ‘beg’ to get paid.

I was doing what I call ‘hope marketing’.  My dear friend, this is the worst form of marketing technique. You send an email and ‘hope’ that the person on the other end replies. So, after a while, I fed up.  I wanted something that is predictable. Something repeatable. Something I could ‘plug and forget’.

It was very clear that I needed clients consistently to my business. However, I wanted  high-ticket clients, and I would also want people to be attracted to me instead of ‘running’ after clients.

I wanted my clients to work with my own schedule instead of working with their own  schedule. So, I gave myself a break.

I took a 60days break to work on myself and my business. It was a 60days of mental brainstorming, I mean REAL mental and critical thinking.

It was then I got the idea of our 7-Steps Magnetic Clients Attraction Blueprint. So, I got my team together. I’m blessed with a wonderful team. The best guys and gals in the world.

I told them about the new system, we perfected the system. It became the best thing that ever happened to our business. Our business grew by over 40% within the first 30days of implementing the system.

I have also used that system for coaches, consultants, professional service providers and entrepreneur and it has worked wonders for them.

We have also taken our ‘game’ to the next level by customizing the system into different businesses in multiple industries and it keeps working wonders. Here’s the thing, I don’t believe that there’s a one size fit all marketing system for everybody.

Anybody who tells you that is either naïve or just trying to make a sale. Your price point is different. Your target market is different. Your offering is different, etc! Why shouldn’t your marketing be different?

I know our system is GREAT, not because I’m biased, well maybe I am but I have seen it transform peoples’ lives like it did mine.

Right now, our clients are attracted to us. All the clients we have built the system for, share the same story. We don’t ‘beg’ clients to work with us. Instead, they apply to work with us. If we think, they are a great fit, we accept them. If not, we just help them for free with our blueprint.

What has this done to my business?

It has allowed me to work with only the best. The best of the best. No exceptional. It has also allowed me to transform lives of people around the world, instead of ‘suffocating’ them with a countless blog post, social media updates, and 1000’s of the boring stuff I hate to do.

Seriously, growing a business is fun once you hit your ‘sweet spot’. Your growth becomes geometric. The secret our system works is because it’s ‘client centric’ than ‘product centric’.

So, if you are NOT the best at what you do, if your product or service CAN’T transform lives, if you CAN’T  honestly help people, this may NOT work for you.

It’s only for those who can transform lives of people. It’s for serious business owners who want to be the best of the best. It’s for people who don’t want to make mistakes. You just want to hit your marketing ‘bulls eye’.

Here’s Some Great News.

I’ve set aside some time in my office to personally review your current sales and marketing process, and design a fully customized marketing blueprint specifically for your business so you can double, triple or even quadruple your revenue … It’s for FREE.

This is a genuinely free offer, and there are no strings attached. 

In fact, it’s better than you realize.

Not only do we design the customized marketing campaign for you, we also create a detailed blueprint of exactly how it works and give you that as well …so you can deploy it immediately.

If that sounds interesting to you …

Here’s What To Do Next.

I’ve posted a short description of how this works, and my hidden motivation here.

Go here to check it out.

This Is NOT What You Might Be Thinking.

If you’re skeptical and are wondering if this is some kind of “bribe”, that’s understandable.

The good news is, it’s NOT.

In fact – it’s the exact opposite.

As you’ll see here, I’m willing to pay YOU money in the event you feel this free service was a waste of your time.

No strings attached.

It’s all written in black and white here.

Waiting for a “Catch”?

There are two.

First, we’re unable to extend this offer to just anybody.

There are some qualifications you’ll need to meet – the “biggest” being that you’re a real business, not a beginner, and not selling anything shady.

The second is that this is very time sensitive …for a reason.

We can only offer a handful of these free blueprinting sessions each quarter because of the level of personalization involved.

So, every month, we can only work with a very, very limited number of people and they’re all granted on a first come, first served basis.

So if you found my story inspiring, and would like to see exactly how my strategies could improve your sales and revenue  on a consistent basis, you want to make more money in your business while avoiding the terrible mistakes and pitfalls 90% of business owners make, go here.

…And we’ll do it for free.

If that sounds like something that could help you, go here before all availability is taken.