The Fastest Path To Increased Revenue.  Consistent, Reliable & Predictable Cashflow And Time Freedom In Your Business

From The Desk of Johnson Emmanuel,

Founder/CEO, Clients Attraction

Dear friend,

Right now there’s a hidden pocket of revenue hiding inside your business and you don’t even realize it’s there. 

If you're looking to dramatically increase your revenue in a reliable, consistent way, you've come to the right place.

We specialize in building strategic, automated marketing & sales funnels and uncovering new, untapped profit areas within your business.

That way you...

1: Increase your profits while adding new revenue streams...

2: Automate key marketing strategies for more consistent cash flow...

3: Enjoy more time freedom and less stress...

…And With Over $60,000,000 In Results

We've Discovered How To Take Our Clients To The 'Next Level' Of Business Growth

Want to know the secret for such dramatic business growth?

Perfect OFFER and a well-oiled automated marketing funnels!

If You're STILL Struggling To Succeed or yet to 'hit' the breakthrough you deserve...

If you are currently stuck right now, it's because of one of the following:

Pricing Issue - The fastest way to double or even triple your current business is to raise your prices. Most people charge way too low for what they offer. There is a way for you to raise your prices and have your clients LOVE you for it, and there’s a way to raise your price and your customers will HATE YOU. 

Client Issue - There are 2 ways to get more clients...

First, create more funnels so you attract more people...

Second, you have to master the different ways to attract clients online... Once you master both, you'll never have to worry about getting clients ever again.

Offer Issue- What you are offering, your services or programs are also a factor when it comes to your success in business. If your offering is bad, you can be sure that your business will suffer.

Inner Conflict Issue - A big reason why most people fail is because their mindset, belief structure, identity, and programming are wired to repel success and money. In this case, the obstacle is INVISIBLE. Once this is fixed, and addressed, then success becomes inevitable.

Accountability Issue -Another big reason why most are stuck is because they don't have someone holding them accountable and guiding them. If you want to achieve your goals fast, then you need to have someone who's been there, done that, and can help and guide you every step of the way.

Technical Skills Issue - Another hurdle for most are technical skills. Want to know the secret? You don't have to do it! You can get experts to do it for you instead of spending time frustrated trying to figure it out. Do what you do best, and have others do the rest.

Either way...

I know the “cure” for your stagnation and (soon to be) future growth.

If you're ready to overcome any or ALL of these issues in your business then you're in the correct place. I DON'T just "build" your funnel for you…

When we work together you will get very deep insight into ALL aspects of growing your revenue and business as a whole.

'We Specialize In Taking Business Owners & Entrepreneurs From 5-Figures To 6-Figures, From 6-Figures To 7-Figures Using The Power Of Automated Marketing Funnel'

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your sales funnel and create monumental breakthroughs in your revenue, industry leader status and value  your time freedom…

You may want to consider joining me for something I call...

“Automated Client Machine”

We’ll start from the beginning and strategize  on how your marketing funnel can be built in a way that maximizes your revenues in the fastest time possible.

​We help you build a complete marketing funnel that turns every $1 to $3 or more.

Anybody can say that, can't they?​

Here are a few things past clients have to say...

Bryan Schachtele

I had an awesome conversation with Johnson Emmanuel about ways I could improve my marketing funnels. He gave me some fantastic ideas that will help me 3x my revenue (and my results have so far been amazing), Johnson sincerely wants to help people be successful in their business and I can't recommend him enough. BIG KUDOS to you, Johnson Emmanuel. You truly rock!

​This guy who has one of the most popular podcast on the planet said this about me...

"Effortless" Business & Revenue Growth

This is what most business owners and entrepreneurs DREAM about...

... the ability to continue growing without resistance, without stress and with predictability.

The good news is...

If you want to leapfrog to the next level, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

I’ve produced breakthroughs with clients in over 20+ different industries, including...

1. Service providers such as coaches and consultants…

2. Information marketers selling info products and coaching programs…

3. SaaS companies increasing conversions rates and decreasing churn…

4. Entrepreneurs selling physical products such as supplements or real estate...

5. Brick & mortar businesses such as dry cleaners, chiropractors,barbers...

I'm absolutely sure I can do the same thing for you.​

But here’s the honest truth…

Just because I’ve worked in all those industries does NOT mean you and I will be a fit.

You see, every business I’ve come across needs a unique marketing funnel tweaked in a slightly differently way. Anybody that tell you to 'plug this marketing' into your business without taking the time to really understand how your business works is completely naive about business growth process or just trying to make a sale.

Here's the thing...

Your business is unique...

Your customer acquisition process is unique...

Your pricing is unique...

​The truth is, everything about your business is unique

So, let me repeat this. Anybody that tells you 'this is also gonna work' is either trying to make a sale or completely clueless about how to grow your business.​

Our primary focus and #1 priority is to understand your market, discover  what makes them “tick”, and then assemble your offer in a completely irresistible fashion so they can’t help but buy.

Why Should You Listen To Me…


I’m Johnson Emmanuel, founder/CEO, Clients Attraction. The guy behind most successful marketing funnels & product launches on the internet. You won’t be wrong if you call me the ‘unsong’ hero of today’s business growth.

Most ‘experts’, business owners and entrepreneurs say ‘Johnson is an expert at taking existing web traffic or paid traffic and turning it into hot, ready-to-buy, sales leads through marketing automation’.

My clients have been featured on Forbes, CNN, ABC, Foxnews, etc

client attraction system

I’ll be very honest…

Most Marketing Funnels Are Done COMPLETELY Wrong!

Look, most marketing and sales  funnels floating around the internet are slapped together...

They’re selling the wrong products or services, at the wrong prices, to the wrong people, and without clearly stating the value they're offering to the people they're selling to.

No wonder it's such a HUGE struggle for most people trying to run a business online!

Most copywriters and marketing funnel “experts” buy a course and “POSE”  as if they’re experts.

The sad part is they usually charge a high ticket price yet they don't think about or even understand the marketing strategy behind every successful marketing funnels.

They simply copy and paste a bunch of fancy sounding words, from a template into a word doc and call it a day.

They don’t understand that in order to grow a business they have to ‘go’ into the minds of your prospects and tease their subconscious minds with value until they have no choice but to buy..

I’ve Generated $60 Million For My Clients Figuring Out What Works And What Doesn’t…

And I’ve Created 108 Different Processes To Get You Consistent, Reliable & predictable Results...

Since 2009 I've been tweaking and refining our level of raw technical ability until it was honed to a razors edge.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to test and tweak HUNDREDS of different approaches to discover what works and what doesn’t…

… and I’ve created our own internal systems, processes and documents that we use with every single project which allows us to churn out world-class level copy that gets results.

Any body can say that, isn't it?  ​

Then  don’t take my word for it…

Marvin Oldford

It is still shocking to me how easy it is to move from $3,000 per month to $43,432 within 38days after you built my marketing funnel. Your work really changed my life, thank you, Johnson Emmanuel.

Jeanine Nicole Cerundolo

Johnson worked like a lightning bolt- he was incredibly perceptive, speedy, and direct in offering his expert advice and perspective on how to improve my My marketing funnel. Using his extensive knowledge of both technical strategies as well as sales & marketing approaches, he provided insight on how to move forward to the next level of professionalism & revenue generation for me . He was intent on delivering the hard and fast truth so that my webpage & marketing funnel could more effectively convey my message and connect with my audience.He's the 'GO TO GUY' for  me and my friends. I highly recommend Johnson and his work!’

​When our clients come to us, we don't just rush, INSTEAD...

I start all my marketing funnel with intense research. I love to first ‘go to bed’ with your prospect and figure out what gives them sleepless nights. We want to know them better than they know and understand themselves.

We then take that research and tap into their subconscious emotions, allowing them to trust your message and soak it up like a sponge.

Finally we use well over 37 proven psychological persuasion triggers to show them why YOU product or service is the best choice for them and how they will ‘die’ if they don’t buy from you immediately.

By the time they’re done reading the copy and even before they get to the end of your marketing funnel, they’ll say a thing like this, ‘You are a mind reader, and you just read my mind’.

How does that sound?


Some popular funnels we like to build for our clients...

Automated Webinars Automate sales and save time presenting.

Video Series Sales Funnel Deliver valuable content then present your offer.

Trip Wire Sales Funnel Get your prospect to open their wallet then upsell.

Consultation Funnel Start getting consistent phone consults on auto-pilot.

Application Sales Lead Funnel Qualify your leads with an “application” funnel.

Quiz Engagement Funnel Engage leads with a simple quiz to get their email.

Live Webinar Sales Funnel Sell live with this funnel to increase 1-on-1 enagement.

Automated Calendar Booking Get leads to book out on your calendar on auto-pilot

What exactly am I building for you?

Every funnel is different, but here's a general list of deliverables...

· Funnel strategy creation to ensure you get the desired results from your new marketing funnel

· Initial lead magnet that will be offered as the funnel's "open door" call to action

· Custom landing pages, sales pages, webinar, application, and more as needed

· Advanced setup of automation software technology such as Active campaign or others

· All copies writing done for you by our team of experts to ensure high conversion rates

· Value adder page(s) to push email leads through funnel to take action and support the CTA's

· All graphics, landing page copy, sales page copy, and more... done for you!

· All "techie" connections and integrations between multiple systems setup for you

· You will be along for every step of the way working DIRECTLY with me and my team


As good as the offer seem, it has a 'bad' side.

The 'bad' side is that I can ONLY work with a handful of people. Typically, just 17 people in ​quarter. Due to the nature of this type of service, we can't help everyone. Although I'm aware that the request for 'do it for me' service is HUGE by our existing customers and others. 

However, we CAN'T  take on more than 17 per quarter because of the nature of this type of service and the personalized level of 1:1 support needed.

Anyway, if you are on this page, you have to NOTE these three things...

1: This  page gets about 1300 visit every single day, which means if you are not an action taker, your chances of working with one of the best marketing funnel specialists on planet earth are VERY slime.

2: You have to take IMMEDIATE​ action to secure your spot for this current quarter because chances are that, people are already lined up. 

3: This is not a marketing 'gimmick' to make you take action. I know alot of people do 'fake' scarcity to make people take action. I 'HATE' it because it is trading integrity for dollar.​ 

We don't do that here. We'll never do it because we believe truth & honesty is what builds a great business. So, you have to take action right now and...​

Here's the Next Step...

If you like what you've seen so far and you're interested...

Enter Your Name & Email address below and I'll send you a short form to fill, it's nothing complicated. 

It'll just give me an idea of what you sell, where you want your business to be in the next 12 months. 

Then, we'll get on the phone (via Skype) for 15 minutes conversation. 

Yes, I know it's very simple, I'm deliberately making it simple for you.


What software do I need so you can make this work for me?

This depends on your specific needs, what your goals are, and what type of funnel I am going to build for you. Typically I prefer to work inside of our recommended software that you can get through us (ActiveCampaign). This will also make it easy for you too.

Who is this service for and is it for me?

If you are a coach, author, consultant, professional service provider, business owner or entrepreneur, this is for you.

Secondly, if you want to generate leads and clients on a consistent, reliable basis without sacrificing your freedom, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Do I need to pay for custom website design or programming?

No. We do EVERYTHING for you included in our price.  Let us help you handle the details.

What is the turn around time for this type of project?

I like to have these project wrapped up in around 2-3 weeks max time. Of course sometimes things happen and it could go past that time. As long as you and I are in constant communication, pushing forward, and working together to get it all done.. I have no problem if it takes longer than the goal completion time. Things happen, things change, and I get that.

Is There A Fee For This Service

Oh, yes. Our price starts from $3000 and it goes up from there, depending on the kind of marketing or sales funnel.

Yes, I know it’s  a very, very  great price.

I’m deliberately keeping it like that because I know that once you become a customer, you’ll be a customer for life (because the bulk of our sales come from our existing customers). This is just to show you how ‘wonderful’ it'll be when we start working together.