Would You Like Me To Build You A Custom Marketing Funnel Blueprint To 3x, 5x or Even 10x Your Business... 100% FREE?

From The Desk of Johnson Emmanuel,

Founder/CEO, Clients Attraction

Dear friend,

If you're like most business owners and  entrepreneurs, you probably got online, bought your domain, sent traffic and were totally disappointed at your lack of sales.

Maybe you’ve bought ‘hundreds’ of online programs, read a ‘gazillion’ of blog posts, listen to endless stream of podcasts and even hired some so called ‘guru’ to help you grow your business and you were totally disappointed at the result or lack of it.

You are not alone my friend, I’ve been there. I really know how you feel.

You work hard, you put in all the effort but the result you get is nothing close to what you expect.

Nothing can be more frustrating like working hard without seeing the ‘fruits’ of your hardwork.

From working with hundreds of clients at Clients Attraction, and generating $60+ million dollars for our clients, I can tell you this 'one thing' with absolute certainty:

'The ONLY thing holding you back from the success & breakthrough you desire is having the right offer and the RIGHT marketing funnel to power it'

If you want to grow your business and revenue on a predictable and consistent basis, you need to have a customized marketing funnel.

I know this because I  struggled with growing my business in the past, and from working with hundreds of clients from all over the world in 20+ industries, I can tell you this is what is standing between you and your breakthrough.

When I say Marketing Funnel, it’s NOT a simple Squeeze page and follow-up emails, but a sophisticated, marketing machine that consistently (& predictably) generate leads, sales and revenue on autopilot. Aka, The Profit Path Funnel.

After your marketing machine is powered, all you have to do is focus on buying traffic and your marketing machine will automatically and consistently convert cold leads  to sales and revenue, over and over again

While it might sound simple, the truth is it took us ages to discover a process that works predictably & consistently like clockwork.

But once we discovered it, it worked so well that we’ve used  marketing funnel (The Profit Path funnel) to grow our business and those of our clients, generating over $60 million in the last four years.

Personally – I believe that you can generate revenue into your business on a consistent and predictable basis.

I also believe that you should also have time (aka, FREEDOM) to enjoy the wealth. You don’t want to be a slave to your business.  #WorkOnYourBusiness  and NOT  #WorkInYourBusiness

Thirdly, I believe you should be able to impact & influence the world with your business and it’s only a customized marketing funnel that will help you achieve this.

You've heard me say customized marketing funnel several times. It's very deliberate because​ every business is unique, so should your marketing funnel. 

Any body that tells you something else is either totally naive about how marketing funnel works or is trying to make a sale. However, we have a proven marketing system that we'll customize to fit into your business. It's called THE PROFIT PATH FUNNEL.​

Every time you put $1 into advertising, the profit path funnel turns it into $3. So, if you spend $500 on Facebook ads (or any ad platform), its becomes $1500. $1000 becomes $3000, $3000 becomes $9000 and it keeps going...

If your advertising isn't working, it's because you don't have THE PROFIT PATH FUNNEL. Traffic isn't your problem,  your marketing is the problem.

There's traffic everywhere. Customers are standing everywhere. They are waiting for you to just attract them magnetically to your business. Yet, you are waiting for them to find you. What an irony!!!

Dear friend...

I want to help you take your business from 5 figures to 6 figures, from 6 figures to 7-figures.

If you would like to earn your first (or next) 6-figures in the fastest time possible, I have a quick question for you…

“Want Me To Personally Build You A Marketing Funnel Blueprint Based On Our Proven $60+ Million Formula… For FREE?

Bryan Schachtele

    I had an awesome conversation with Johnson Emmanuel about ways I could improve my marketing funnels. He gave me some fantastic ideas that will help me 3x my revenue (and my results have so far been amazing), Johnson sincerely wants to help people be successful in their business and I can't recommend him enough. BIG KUDOS to you, Johnson Emmanuel. You truly rock!

Now read this carefully:

If you’d like to  3x, 5x or even 10X your business in the fastest time possible, then this is the best letter you’ll even read.

I have set out sometime to personally help you design a FREE customized marketing funnels blueprint (base on THE PROFIT PATH FUNNEL system) specifically for your business and its 100% FREE.

Dear friend, I want to give you the greatest shortcut to exponentially grow your business. It’s 100% FREE.

"...A FREE but 100% dependable CLIENT ATTRACTION blueprint"

I want to give you a custom marketing funnel blueprint designed to grow your business based on the formula that has generated $60+ million so far for our clients.

You will pay NOTHING for this.

This blueprint will give you step-by-step instructions on exactly how to deploy a high converting marketing funnel that converts total strangers to loyal customers who will buy your products/services, over  and over again.

Here's how the process will work:

First, you're going to fill out a form at the bottom of this page. If I feel you are a right fit, the next thing we'll do is send you a link to schedule your 'Marketing Funnel Blueprint' Strategy session.

These are extremely limited, so if you're on this page it means you have a small window of opportunity to grab one of these coveted spots before they run out, they run out very fast and this is not a marketing trick to make you take immediate action, it’s the fact.

So, if you’re on this page, you’ve got to take action right now, don’t procrastinate about this if you are serious about optimizing your revenue, freedom and impact.

During your session, the first thing we will do is go over:

  • What are you selling?
  • How are you currently converting your customers?
  • How are you getting traffic / leads?
  • What is/are your price point?
  • What do you want to achieve moving forward?

Once we have those basic questions answered, we'll go over how you can build a marketing funnel that converts, how to position your offers, and how to drive as much traffic as possible.

And it's really that simple...

  • If your funnel isn't right, you can't drive traffic...
  • If you can't drive traffic... you can't make money.
  • But if you get it right... then you can scale FAST!

Take a minute to watch this...

It’s 100% FREE For Two Reasons

First, nothing makes me happy to see that a business grows exponentially as a result of my advice, it really makes me feel on top of the world.

Secondly, I know that a certain percentage of people I do this for will want me to help them build their entire marketing funnel.

And I think that the best way to show you that we can truly help you take things to the next level if we end up working together... is by massively helping you for free upfront and let the value of that free help speak for itself.

There's no  'Secret  offer'.

After we deliver your FREE Marketing Funnel Blueprint, one of two things will happen:

1: The first possibility is that you immediately see the financial potential it has, and you decide you want to implement the blueprint yourself.

Well, if you decide to do it yourself, no problem. I’ll wish you the best of luck.

2: The second possibility is you love the blueprint and you want my team to build your entire funnel.

In that case, we'll immediately start helping you build your own customized marketing funnel so you can scale your business, super fast. 

If I decide to work with you, my team of marketing funnel specialists and I​ will develop a strategy for your business success, design and develop your marketing funnels like your landing page, sales page, upsell & downsell strategy, copies, email sequence, etc.

If you think that is all, then you've got to rethink because we'll help you create congruence in your lead magnet, $9 offer and even up to your $3,000 to $5,000 offer.

We are just getting started...

We'll create your webinar funnel sequence...

Launch funnel sequence...

We'll deploy some of our best systems like...

'Profit cash cow  campaign (if you need to 3x or 5x your profit).

Emergency cash machine campaign (if you need cash urgently)

...and many more depending on your unique situation.

We'll do everything for you, you do nothing.​

...Then we'll give you the best support ever known to mankind.​

We'll create a special on-demand video program that shows you how your marketing machine works.


Every week, we hold an implementation call that’s devoted to one thing: Getting your results.

If you have a tech question, we’re here.

If you want feedback on a campaign, we’re here.

If you want to create something new, we’re here.

If you want to troubleshoot something, we’re here​

It’s Like You Get To “Kidnap” My Tech Team Every Week …Without Having To Pay The Six-Figure Overhead!​

This way, you can have peace of mind knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering …

 In the event we decide to work together after your free  Marketing funnel blueprint session.

The investment starts from $3,000 .

Yes, that is a great price.

I'm deliberately keeping it very, very affordable because I know that once we start working together, you'll be a customer for life. (The majority of my business always come from repeat customers.)

Anyway - as you can imagine, there is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of service, and at the great price I just mentioned, I'll hit my capacity very quickly.

There’s a huge demand for ‘do it for me’ service by my company and we can’t work with everyone. We are very, very ‘picky’.


This is NOT a 'Secret Sales' Pitch

Far from being a sales pitch, it is the exact opposite.​  

I'll not be selling anything to you during the marketing blueprint session without your notice. It's a session of FREE & massive value to help you grow your business in the fastest time possible.

I believe that it's best I actually help you for free and let the value of that free help speak for itself, and that is why the FREE marketing funnel blueprint session is important.

Again, while we would love to help everyone, the fact is that we can’t help everyone.

I won't spend any time trying to convince you that any of this is real. I'll let the Funnel Blueprint Session and my testimonials do the talking.

Here’s what one of the industry leaders said about me few days ago.

Marvin Oldford

It is still shocking  to me how easy it is to move from $3,000 per month to $43,432 within 38days after you built my marketing funnel.  Your work really changed my life, thank you, Johnson Emmanuel.

It's really this simple:

If you simply apply a fraction of what we give you in your blueprint session and on the call to your business, I promise you'll see amazing results.

I'm so certain of this, that...

If You Think I Wasted Your Time, I’ll IMMEDIATELY Give You $100.00 As Compensation

Seriously, there's no way this shouldn't work for you, and that's why I'm so confident that I'LL PAY YOU $100 if you think I wasted your time.

So think about it this way:

The worst that can happen is you get paid $100 for "wasting" around 45 minutes learning about a proven formula that's responsible for $60+ million dollars.

But the best thing that can happen is you decide to implement and deploy your funnel blueprint to your business .and see exponential growth.

So if you'd like us to design you a free personalized marketing funnel blueprint that will help you hit your first (or next) 6-figures…

Here's What To Do Next

We can't (and won't) talk to just anyone. 

Due to the personalized level of work involved in this type of work, I can ONLY  accept 17 business owners every month and almost 1,500 visit this page daily. 

So, your chances of having one of the coveted spots are very slime if you're NOT an action taker.

Anyway,  if you want to have me help you design a free marketing funnel blueprint, you've got to do it right now.​


It's simple and unobtrusive. Basically it's our way of filtering out the tire kickers.

So if you’re ready for a winning sales funnel and a business you can finally be proud of...

Fill out the form below to get started right now.

Ready to get started?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Johnson Emmanuel

P.S. In case you're one of the people (like me) who skims to the P.S. before you read the page, here's what this is all about:

I want to build an entire sales Marketing funnel blueprint for your business, 100% free. This will include leaks in your existing funnel, as well as an entire step-by-step blueprint for you to implement a high converting funnel.

We have built hundreds of funnels at Clients Attraction across 20+ industries from home business to weight loss. No matter what business you're in - whether it's home business, affiliate marketing or you own your product or service - we'll design a killer sales funnel that is guaranteed to make you more money.

If that sounds like something you could use, here's how the process works:

First, you'll fill out a short application giving us some details about your business, your current process and your goals. Then if your application is approved, we'll contact you to schedule your Marketing Funnel Blueprint session.

Finally if you want my team of marketing funnel experts to build your funnel for you, we can talk about it. Prices start at $3,000 and everything is done for you or done with you.

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