How to Sell High Ticket Consulting Services & Programs (Even If You Are Just Getting Started)

Have you ever thought of how to consistently sell high ticket services and/or programs?

If you want to sell anything high ticket consulting services or program, this is one of the most important blog posts you need to read. It’s so important that you have to pay close attention to every single word.

Forbes reports that the consulting industry is worth over $100 Billion in the United states alone.

The coaching and consulting industry are the most lucrative in the world.  However, why are some coaches, consultants, and professional service providers broke? Why do they go to bed hungry?

Well, one of the major problems for businesses (especially small businesses) is cash flow. Constant revenue.

I don’t know about you but I have gone through some route before trying to sell high ticket service and program. I have done some ‘crazy’ things because I thought it was the right thing to do.

  • Build a modern, professional website
  • Blog 7days a week
  • Be active on Facebook
  • Join Twitter
  • Sharing Images on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Making Videos
  • Do a Podcast
  • Creating Infographics
  • Building Attractive Landing Pages
  • Offer Free Gifts
  • Do Email Marketing
  • And much, much more!

Sounds familiar?

Yes! I get it. I have been there before. As an African myself, it got to a point where I thought that one juju priest from Africa ‘cursed’ me.

The truth is that selling high ticket offer is very easy if you understand how it’s done. I did not know this until some years back.

Anyway, you are in luck today because I’ll be showing you how to sell your high ticket coaching programs and consulting services.

So, if you are set, let’s do this together.

Are you ready?

#1: Develop A Positive Mindset

Let’s face it, nothing will happen until you have a positive mindset. This is the starting point.

You have to believe that you deserve a high ticket fee, and seriously you do deserve it.

If you can move someone from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, faster and better than they can move themselves,  then you deserve a premium fee.

Change your mindset. Get the abundance mindset. If there’s only one person that deserves a premium fee, it is you.

As my reader, I seriously believe that you can get whatever you ‘demand’ from life, if you demand a premium fee from your clients, you will get it.

If you think there’s too much poverty in the world, and nobody can afford your high ticket service or programs, well, that is what you will get.

Denis Waitley captured it best. ‘If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad’

#2: Set Your Income Goal

How much do you want to earn in the next 6, 12 months?  When you try to do this, you should be holistic.

You have to tell yourself the truth.  Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself how much you want to earn.

It really doesn’t matter what the figure it. $10,000 , $100,000, $250,000. No matter what it is, it does not matter. If it’s what you want, then it’s good enough for you.

However, I urge you to think big. Think very, very BIG. There’s enough in the world. There’s enough to go round.

If you are someone who has never earned $100,000, you might want to start from there.

A few months ago, we got a new client who has never done anything high ticket. We helped him structure his program and everything in between.  As you read this, he’s done over $600,000 in his first six months in business. He’s on his way to $1 Million.

So, think very big, my dear friend.

#3: Identify Problems You Can Solve

As someone who wants to sell high ticket offer, you need to identify problems you can solve for people, faster and better than anyone else.

Seriously, you don’t need to solve a million problems to earn a million dollar. Just solve one, two or maximum, three problems.

For example, we are one of the best in the world when it comes to these three things, and it is what we do every single day for our clients.

1: Create, package, and launch high ticket offers

2: Identify, attract & convert their ideal clients

3: Build a marketing & sales system that consistently attract their ideal clients so they can scale their revenue without sacrificing their freedom.

Note: if you’re completely uncertain about the three things that will give your clients the fastest result – I wrote this letter that explains how to get a free strategy call and blueprint to go over all of this.

These are the three things we do for our clients, we are among the best in the world, we did not say so, our clients and their results say so.

So, what is the stuff you can do, better and quicker than anyone else? You must be able to give somebody a GREAT result and in a timely manner.

If you want to play the ‘high-ticket game’, then you should know that ‘faster’ and ‘better’ is the ‘holy grail’ of high ticket programs and services.

The best way to give people a great result is by actually ‘doing the stuff’ with them or helping them to do the stuff. You can call it ‘done-with-you’ and ‘done-for-you’.

Whatever you want to do, please, make sure that you first identify the problem you can solve, it’s very important.

If you are a relationship coach, what can you do for a potential client faster than he can do himself? If he’s a  35years old guy who needs a date, can you help him solve that problem, faster than he can solve it himself?

You might want to identify the three stages that give your clients the quickest and fastest result.

You have to identify the three steps that will get your potential client the fastest and best result. If you are a dating coach who helps shy guys get hooked, your process might be something like this;

  • Identify the ladies they want
  • Approach the ladies and collect their number
  • Arrange the date for them, so your client will just have to show up for the date.

So, these are the three processes your clients go through to get the fastest and best result. You don’t have to do a gazillion of things, just 3 things that produce a great result.

#4: Identify Your Best Prospects

Everybody will not buy from you, it’s natural. Everyone isn’t supposed to buy from you, that is totally against human behavior.

However, you need to be able to identify the people who can buy from you VS those will never buy from you, no matter how good your marketing is.

This is where most people who try to sell high ticket programs make mistakes and get frustrated, and the next thing you hear is, ‘I  can’t sell high ticket program, it’s NOT for me’.

A few months ago, my buddy, an African like yours truly got married. He had an elaborate wedding. One thing you can give to Africans is their elaborate & colorful wedding.

This guy invited friends from all over the world. People flew in from Tokyo, Houston, London and other parts of the world.

He spent over $50,000 on the wedding ceremony. It is crazy, right? Well, the average African (excluding yours truly) thinks it is not.

So, my buddy got wedded and in less than 8 months, they got separated. The marriage started facing some ‘serious’ issues and they got separated.  He’s in ‘Tokyo’ and his wife is in ‘Austin’. However, my friend loves his wife.

Oh, he really loves his wife.  You need to hear the ‘sweet’ things he talks about his wife.

If you are a Marriage coach and you can save this marriage, this is your ideal client. It’s the clients that will get the best result from your help.

I’ll tell you the reasons…

Since the guy still loves his wife, it simply means that he’s open to reconciliation. He’ll be committed to his own result.

Secondly, he has the money to pay you. He showed this because he spent over $50,000 for the wedding.

This is your ideal client. This client will pay you and even show ‘real’ commitment to getting the result he wants.

Let me paint another picture. Let me call him ‘MR. B’. He got married and spent $50,000 on his wedding, just as my friend did.

Then, a few months after the wedding, he filed for a divorce. He doesn’t want the woman he married anymore.

Now, this person has the money to pay you is not your ideal client. Yes, they are both in the same situation but he does not want his wife.

You don’t have to sell to this kind of person, he will not buy and if he does, he will NEVER be committed to a result he’s not interested in.

Targeting your ideal client is very critical if you want to sell a high ticket consulting service or coaching program consistently.

# 5:  Offer To Help For Free

Yes, offer to help people for free by actually helping them. This is the oldest ‘trick’ in the book according to a guy we all call Dr. Kern, lovely man!

If you can help people get what they want, you will also get what you want. This is where you begin to do things differently from what everyone else out there is doing.

You already know of the free strategy session that people offer, right? I have been to many, many strategy sessions.

When you attend most strategy session, the person on the other side is only interested in your card details. He’s usually not interested in helping you on that call.

You should NOT behave like that. You can’t change the world that way. In my business, we actually offer to help people for free by helping them.

I’m a business growth & strategic marketing consultant, however, I do things differently because I’m unique, my business is unique, my price point is also unique.

The same thing is applicable to you. You are unique. Your price point is unique. Your program is also unique.

So, if anybody comes to you and gives you a marketing tactic that looks like ‘‘this is also gonna work”, without taking the time to understand your business is either trying to make a sale or totally clueless about how marketing works.

So, what we do is to offer to help our prospect for free and let the value of that free help speak for itself.

For example, when people come to us, we help them design POWERFUL & customized business growth & strategic marketing blueprint specifically for their kind of business and it’s free.

I’m I crazy doing this, for free? No!

98% of people we do this for end-up becoming our client. The blueprint is so powerful that the prospect will just want to be a client.

Isn’t that better than free ‘strategy session’ that lacks any type of strategy? In fact, you can call it ‘sales call’.

Yes, the work is more for us, and that is why we work with only the best prospect, you should too.

Now, I know what might be going through your mind, ‘what if I finish the blueprint and the person doesn’t buy my program?’.

If you asked that question, you are very, very smart. I totally understand your point, I really do.

However, if you love to build ‘good will’ in your marketplace, you won’t consider that.  You don’t want to be seen as a ‘pushy’ salesperson. You want to be seen as someone who can truly help people genuinely.

In my business, we don’t have any salespersons. We don’t outsource our sales to ‘pushy’ sales guys who are only interested in their commission.

Most times, my clients meet with me personally. I help them. I care about them. You too should follow that path.

Secondly, if you did a great job at #4 above, you won’t have this problem. 98% of people you talk to will sign up.

#6:  Ask For  The Sale

Yes, you shouldn’t have a problem with this aspect if you have done the other job very well. This should not be a problem at all.

In our experience, the clients always ask us to help them because we always ‘filter’ them and they are always the best and most qualified.

We’ve given them value by designing a POWERFUL business growth & strategic marketing blueprint that no one else has ever done for them. It’s customized and specifically for their business.

Yes, it’s a lot of work but this is what I love to do. I’m happy anytime someone achieves a major financial breakthrough as a result of my help.

So, the next phase is to ask this simple but powerful question. It works like a ‘charm’.

‘’Based on what you have told me and based on the blueprint we just created together, would you want me to help you implement this in…… so that you can achieve…….. in…..?’’

You notice the word ‘WE’, it has some psychological angle.  ‘We’ means that it was the both of you. So, they are more likely to say ‘YES’.

Can you see that?

Conclusively, If you followed all the steps I have shown you above, you should be able to generate $10,000 every single month.

You don’t have to lack high-ticket clients, I have just shown you what is working for me and hundreds of my clients.

Business is very simple, create massive value for people and they will buy what you are trying to sell to them. People don’t buy what you are selling because you have not shown them the value.

Never, be afraid to charge what you are truly worth. You are worth more than you think.

If you can give people ‘real’ result, faster than they can get it themselves, you deserve to get a high ticket fee for that.

I understand a lot of people won’t know how to take this information and implement it in their business.

So if you want to learn more about how to implement this funnel in your business and get it right the first time – here’s what to do next:

 Go here and apply for a Business Growth Session – we’ll not only show you how to charge premium fees, but we’ll create a custom marketing funnel plan for your business that includes all of the other marketing funnels to help you attract your ideal clients anytime you want.

This is a system you should try in your business and I know you might have question or criticism, feel free to let me know what they are.

If you need help – go here and learn how we can help you right now

How are you currently selling your high ticket program?

About the Author

Johnson Emmanuel is a Business Growth & Marketing expert, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & business owners attract high paying clients consistently so they can grow their revenue predictably via online marketing funnels & paid media.

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