7 Proven Lead Generation Techniques That You Are Neglecting

What is the major problem that business owners face today? Lead generation. No business can grow without making sales. In fact, 85% of B2B marketer say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.

In fact, 84% of small business owners say their current lead generation strategies are NOT enough for them to reach their goals.  Every business have many different goals, but guess what?

...66% of organizations goal is focused on how to generate leads.

lead generation techniques


I have said it repeatedly that the major reason  businesses fail is 1) inability of the business to generate leads and customers consistently, 2) Inability for the business to generate revenue.  If you can take care of these two, you will be able to handle the other reasons businesses fail. 

We’ve all being their before. I mean the point where you turn on your computer and start staring at the screen. I have been there. I won’t lie. I would seat in front of my computer and begin to ask my self-questions like…

..What lead generation software should I use?  Should I use online lead generation strategies or offline? 

Note: if you’re completely uncertain about how to generate qualified leads to grow your business – I wrote this letter that explains how to get a free strategy call and blueprint to go over all of this.

I understand how it feels  because I have been there before. Today, I will show you proven techniques you can use to start generating leads by tomorrow morning but there’s a BIG catch…

And here’s is it. You have to promise me that you will go to work immediately after reading this post. Do you promise?

Awesome! You see, nothing will move until you move them. I really want you to grow your business. However, you can’t do that without making sales and having customers. 

Let’s jump straight into these proven lead generation techniques. You set? Great, so let’s do it!

#1: Review Your Positioning & Message

This where many business owners fail. They start their online lead generation strategies the wrong way. If you drive traffic to your homepage or landing page and your messaging is faulty, your marketing efforts will be a waste.

It does not matter how good your product/service is, if you can’t communicate the value to people consistently, you will not make sales.

Most people undermine the power of their homepage but Alex Chris got over 400,000 website visitors after reviewing his homepage. 

The question now is how do you make your homepage ready for leads generation online. Great question and I’ll answer you straight away. Your homepage must have the following;

1: Consistent message that talks about your USP

2: Email  Capture Form

If you want to generate leads, the first thing is NOT to rush to Facebook and start buying leads. No, you will go broke that way.  Let your homepage communicate your value consistently. 

Take Ana Hoffman website for example and you will see that she communicates her value consistently, she also links it to how it benefits her visitors. 

Ana Hoffman

Take a close look at how she repeated the word  ‘TRAFFIC’ because that’s what she is known for. As you can see, she is point people to where they should opt-in with their email address but more on email address later. No lead generation tip will work if you’ve not fixed this. 

The homepage is important because most of the traffic you will get will go straight to your homepage. Nick Eubank recently generated over 100,000 website traffic and majority went to his homepage. 

What about if you don’t have a website? Then you will have to use a landing page. You will need to create a landing page but while creating a landing page, you will have to follow these website review checklist

Creating a landing page is pretty easy and straight forward these days  because you can use tools like Instapage, Leadpage, Clickfunnel and many other great tools.

#2: Create Opt-In Offers

You can’t have leads without collecting email addresses. For people to give you their email address, you need to give them something first. What exactly? Your offer offers could be;

  • Ebook
  • Toolkit
  • Free Trial
  • Consultancy
  • Samples
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Checklist
  • Infographics
  • Webinar
  • Special Report
  • Assessment

Your ability to create an opt-in offer that your target lead cannot refuse is critical. When potential leads visit your website, they need to get sometimes  from you before they can part with their email address. 

You may have heard that the money is in the list. 73% of marketer believe that email marketing is core to their business.  If you have ever thought that email marketing is dead, you have to think again.

People would only give you their email address when you give them a good reason to do so, these people are potential leads.

We have set the foundation for acquiring leads, right? However, you have to be very clear on who your target leads are.

If you want to generate leads online, you need to be very sure about the avatar of the person you seek to work with.  

For example, I used LinkedIn to generate a lead who eventually paid me $6,000 within 72hours. The result is impressive because the LinkedIn marketing campaign cost me only $120 but $50 was LinkedIn coupons.

I got the result because I knew who and who I wanted to target and I also knew where to get them. 

So, as you review your website or create your offer, ensure you know your customer. You will not be able to generate the right leads if you don’t know your customer and you’ll not succeed as a business owner. 

#3: Host A Podcast or Be A Guest

You may not know this yet but podcasting is a great way to generate leads. I made $5000 seven days after appearing on this podcast. If you think Podcasting is NOT  a  big business, you better take a look at the image below. 

podcast statistics

Podcasting is the next big thing  that is about to explode now. My dear friend and mentor, John Lee Dumas makes over $500,000 per month from his podcast business. 

John Lee DumasHave I been able to prove to you that Podcasting is great for an online lead generation? I’ll show you how I search for a podcast to be featured in. 

There are  too many podcast directories but you can still use Podbay. You can also search on google, but for now, let’s stick with Podbay. 

Once you hit the homepage, enter the niche and you will see some podcast springing up. 

podcast lead generation techniques

Once you click on the Podcast you would like to appear on, you should look at the trurank, anything above 60 is GREAT.  You will have o contact the podcast host. 

lead gen

This is where the fun begins…

You will land on the website of the podcast host, look for their email address. If you can’t find it, use their contact for. 

If contact form is NOT available, you can opt-in into their email list. Once you do, you should be able to get their email address.

If all fails, use this tool. It’s pretty simple, type in the URL of their website and watch as the tool reveals all the email addresses associated with the website.

What’s Next?

You not done. Don’t celebrate yet. You may have to go to  iTunes and give them a review and possibly share the link.

This is important because you want to give before you receive. The host will thank you for this. So, if you’ve followed all the step so far, this is the next thing that should happen….

Shoot the host a GREAT pitch…

Hi {NAME},

I freaking loving your podcast. I just found out over the weekend and wish I did earlier.

Well, I just gave you a 5-star review to show my support and I’ll also be tweeting your URL on twitter later today. Hopefully, that will help spread the word about the amazing stuff you are doing.

I’m not sure you are looking for a guest but if you are, I would like to come on and take about [INSERT TOPIC]


I look forward to hearing from you. In any case, keep doing a great job.



Short and sweet should be your watch word. You don’t w ant to write an ebook in the name of pitching. 

If you do it correctly with the steps I just showed you. You should get between 10 and 35 percent conversion. Which is NOT bad.  You have to start with small podcast audience first before approaching the bigger ones. 

Don’t appear on any podcast without giving the audience a valuable gift. That is your lead magnet. In my case, I always give out free consultation session. I then close in the client f from there. 

Yours may be different. It could be a checklist, cheat sheet, ebook, webinar, special report, etc. 

#4: Guest Post

If you just starting out, you’ve got to do a lot of guest post on reputable sites. 

Take, for example, you are a teacher, would you stand in an empty class to teach? So, since you don’t have an audience yet, you’ve got to go to sites that have the audience. Grab it?

Sharon Hurley saw 999% boost in traffic because of guest posting This traffic is what you convert to leads and I’ll show you how later. 

Jon Coper  nearly hit 400 referrer traffic in one day after guest posting. In fact,  Jon Morrow had close to 13,000 email subscribers before he officially launched his blog.

Are you still doubting the power of guest posting as a lead generation technique? I guess not. One guest post can send hundreds or even thousands of leads depending on the authority of the site you are guest posting on.

Buffer generated over 100,000 leads by guest posting consistently for 9 months.

buffer guest post

There are countless successful case studies to prove that guest blogging can generate consistent leads online. 

If you stick to this lead generation techniques, you would have a system that consistently generates leads for you.

However, the problem with guest posters is that they often focus on just one think of metrics, which is link building. When pitching a guest post, pick the right topic, site and define your qualifying factor.

Is it  now time to start the celebration since I have told you about some lead generation hacks? No, it is not. 

I’ll not be a nice person if I don’t show you how to guest post the right way. So, let’s talk abut how you can find a good place to guest post.

Rush to Google and type in your niche + guest post. 

how to guest post

You’ve gotten sites that accept the guest post but you want to be sure that the sites you want to guest post on have more authority than yours. 

You will go to Alexa and plug in the URL of the site to check their Alexa metrics. Just type the URL in the search bar, you will find it at the top right.

alexa ranking

From what you can see above, this site will generate leads if I were to guest post on it. You have to refer to these resources for more information on guest blogging.

#4: Blog Commenting

Do you comment on blogs or you consider it a waste of your time? Well, Sujan Patel generated 513  leads to his startup by commenting on other people’s blog.

Neil Patel made $25,000 after commenting on close to 250 blogs. He actually got a speaking gig from one lead. That is very impressive.

If you want to generate leads with blog commenting, you will have to avoid these eight mistakes.

Neil Patel found more success when he commented on industry related blogs.

comments blog

When you are commenting on a blog, ensure that the blog has a high authority. You don’t  want to waste your time on low authority blog that may not drive traffic back to you. 

#5: Business Blogging

Is content marketing still necessary? YES!  93% of B2B marketers use content marketing over traditional advertising.

You can’t make any sales without trust, the only way you can build that trust is by publishing GREAT content. Nobody will trust you enough if your content is NOT good. 

Ziglar said one of the reasons you won’t make a sale is the lack of trust.

lack of trust

The fastest way to build trust is by producing great content that solves the problem of your target audience.

One company called InsideOut netted 388% more leads with content  marketing strategy.

Business blogging is NOT something you should joke with  but that does not mean you should start producing contents.  73% of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of marketing

What that means is that your contents must be customized to meet the need of your target prospects.

You have to produce content that solves pain, do a keyword research, ensure your content is long enough because long content gets shared. 

When you’ve written a great content, ensure you place a call to action at the end  of your post. 

Neil patel

Who knows better than Neil Patel? If somebody reads your content to the end, it means they love it and if you give them the opportunity to work with you, they are more likely going to take it.

#6: Case Study

Do you know that you can generate leads with case study? Neil Patel used a case study to  grow his sales by 185%.

If you have solved a problem before, you will be able to attract people who have the same problem when they read your case study.


Hubspot is one company that uses case study regularly.

The case study has generated leads for me. Recently, I wrote about how I made $6000 after spending $120 on LinkedIn lead generation. 

If you are new to customer acquisition, then you will be excused to undermine the power of LinkedIn marketing campaign. 

I wrote that post and withing 7days, people started asking me to replicate the same thing for them.

Don’t be scared to write a case study if you have existing happy customers. People will love it and will contact you for help.

When you are writing your case study, ensure you focus on the lead you want to attract. 

#6: Use Answer & Question Sites

There are many questions and answers sites. Yahoo answer is one of them. However, I would recommend quora

Quora is the 140th most visited website in the world according to Alexa. So, getting leads from the site is very possible.


People who post questions on this sites have a problem they want someone to solve for them. 


So, you see. From the image above, these guys have an issue and they want people to help them solve it. 

All you have to do is reply the question with a valuable answer. Getting leads from question and answer sites is possible if you follow this steps.

Let’s wrap this up, if you want to build a successful business, you must constantly ensure you have leads and customers. If you follow these seven steps, you will have a lead generation system that gives you constant leads.

Just pick one of the steps and fly with it. You don’t have to start with all of them. I have used these steps, they work like a charm. I have also shown you other people who used it and got a good result.

How are you currently generating leads? Drop your comments below.

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