LinkedIn Marketing Campaign: How I Made $6000 After Spending $120 On LinkedIn Ads In 72Hours

The other day, I was with a friend and he lamented how he spent over $3,000 on a LinkedIn marketing campaign and made no single sale. I felt really bad for him as he explained his situation.

He told me that he had bought some LinkedIn marketing courses from some ‘gurus’ and followed the instructions, yet he got no result.

We were still talking when I recalled how Nick Unsworth failed in his eleventh business after spending close to $25,000 on TV commercials. 

Whenever I read stories like this, my heart boils. Some people nowadays prefer pull marketing because they don’t want to risk their scares resources.  Pull marketing is also a great marketing tactic.

The problem with pull marketing is that it takes time. You’ll get the result with time but as a business owner, you don’t have a luxury of time.

Well, today is your lucky day because I’ll be sharing exactly how I made $6000 from a recent LinkedIn marketing challenge I did.

The cool part is that I technically spent only $120 on the campaign. I said technical because I actually spent $70 and I’ll tell you how…

I have heard and read a lot about LinkedIn. I’ll be plain here, not to hurt anyone but to be brutally honest (sorry if my honesty touches your ego).

The truth is that some of the stuff so-called ‘LinkedIn marketing experts’ teach don’t work, or at best, the result will keep your business stagnant.

Enough of all the explanations, let’s talk about the reasons why you are reading this post. 

So, are you ready?

Let’s dig it!

I told you that technically, I spent $120 but in the actual fact, what I spent on this LinkedIn marketing campaign was just $70 and here’s how…

$50= LinkedIn  coupon

$70= The actual fee I’ll pay

Did you read the last line?

You may be wondering, what do I mean by ‘the actual fee I’ll pay’. LinkedIn just like Facebook only bills you after delivering clicks.

However, as at the time I was writing this blog post, I have made $6000 and they were yet to bill my card. If you are a LinkedIn staff, tell your boss to charge my card and don’t forget to thank him for the ROI.


NOTE: If you are wondering how to achieve a result like this, or even something much better. I wrote a special letter for you, you can find the letter here.


I decided to do Linked Marketing campaigns for these reasons;

1: To show that anyone can make good ROI from paid ad (especially LinkedIn) even if you are just starting today with ZERO dollars.

2: To prove that what most so ‘LinkedIn marketing gurus’ teach don’t work or at best ‘old skool’.

3: To generate at least one lead in 72hours with a paid advert platform.

To made this work effectively, I had to answer the following questions.

  • Who Are My Target Audience (in my case, business owners, sales executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants)
  • What platform do I find them ( Facebook & LinkedIn gives me the best result)
  • How do I message them

My goal was to drive traffic to my online marketing consulting page. Yes, I know it’s pretty difficult to have a real result (Conversion) when you are not asking people to download something. I was not offering anything, instead,  I was requesting for 1hour of their time. Sounds crazy? Yes, I know.

I was not offering anything, instead,  I was requesting for 1hour of their time. Sounds crazy? Yes, I know.

Sounds crazy? Yes, I know.

As a matter of fact, that is why I LOVE this result because the ad went straight to very, very cold audience.

As a business owner, you want to get the best and most qualified leads that are more likely going to convert to customers than having all the TOM, DICK & HARRY.

Here’s the ad that people had to click on. It’s not the best of ads but the copy is NOT bad at all. In fact, one of the leads told me that he could not resist the copy.

I think we have some of the best copywriters on our team.

LinkedIn marketing campaigns

It’s a simple ad. I did everything personally.  I’m a bad graphics designer (I have some great designers in-house though)  but I manage to use canva to design it.

When people click on the ads on LinkedIn, they will be taken to this landing page. Again, not a great page (design wise) and I’ll tell you the reason. 

LinkedIn marketing

Once people opt-in here, they are entered into my sales funnel. If you follow me very well, you will know that my sales funnel is well oiled. 

The singular reason this worked so well is NOT because LinkedIn is the best platform, it’s because I have a great marketing funnel that captures cold leads and converts them to customers in the fastest time possible.

Here’s the thing…

Don’t just start ‘pumping’ money on ads without a sales funnel. If you have a great marketing funnel, you’ll be able to turn every $1 you spend on advertising to $3.

It’s the truth because the fastest way to create wealth now is by turning advertising into profit.

If you are a consultant and seeking to book sales appointments, LinkedIn is a great place to start. Generally, small business owners should embrace LinkedIn to grow their business.

 I’m not getting paid to say this but as a marketer and business owner, I’m just showing you how I used it in this experiment and my result speaks for itself.

KorieFusion LinkedIn Marketing

I think the impression is rubbish. I have never given impression any serious attention as you can see, I had close to 6000 impressions.

I got 20 clicks and spent a total of $120, not forgetting the 9 social actions, aka like and follow.


There were just 20 clicks and five persons manage to enter their details. I got on Skype with three of them who filled the appointment form.

I’m very mindful of time wasters. So, usually, I have a form my potential clients MUST fill before we can get on skype.

I have an in-house prospect filtration process because I want to avoid talking to ‘tire kickers’ since they are mere time wasters.

I would have made  $16,000 from the three persons but here’s what happened. One of the persons does betting.

I  don’t have anything against it but it’s a business model that I don’t believe in. He was ready to pay $10,000 for a three months consultancy but I politely turned it down.

We all love money, don’t we?

You don’t have to sell your ‘soul’ because you want to make money. It was a painful decision but one that was inevitable. 

That said, the other fellow could not pay my fee but promised to come get back to me next month (April 2016) but I’m not sure I’ll still be open.

What even shock me to the marrow was that this dude  (the who eventually became my client) paid just immediately after our skype call. The $6000 is for three months online marketing consultancy.

For the client who paid the $6000, I’m very sure that I’ll make more than $20,000 from him in the next 12 months.  The reason is simple. My task is to drive visibility, leads and customers to his consultancy business. 

The more money he makes, the more I’ll make.

I’m used to driving revenue into businesses, so this will not be an issue. The dude is a perfect fit for me and I’m so blessed to have him.


The ROI is great but I made a HUGE mistake because I did not split test anything. Not the ads, not the landing page, NOTHING! Don’t do this.

Again, I did not allow the ads to run for a long time. Apparently, I was excited by the result but if $120 could give me $6000, who says $240 can’t give me $15,000.

However, I wanted to end the experiment as quickly as possible but next time, I’ll allow it to run much longer.


This campaign took me 8 hours to set up. Yes, eight solid hours. It was not an easy task for me at all but I was determined not to make any mistake. I’m not showing you this LinkedIn marketing case study to brag but to show you that LinkedIn can give your business a GREAT boost.

One thing that really worked so well for me was my targeting. I targetted people who were likely going to do business with me on a LinkedIn group. This is the mistake I see people make, there are hundreds of groups on LinkedIn but you have to be careful which one to target or join.

There was a time I was looking for some good LinkedIn group to join, I went to where my competitors were gathered.

If your goal is to generate leads that are likely going to be customers, it’s best to go to communities where you’ll find such people.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to join your competitors in the same group but it depends on what your business goal is.

Like I told you before, Mine was to generate leads in 24hours, therefore targeting my competitors will be the worst thing to do.

I felt that it won’t make sense for me to target groups that my competitors were hanging out. Instead, I went to the exact place I was sure to meet my prospects. I think you should also be doing this as well.


LinkedIn is a great place to generate consistent leads and customers but if your product is cheap, stay away from LinkedIn because it’s not cheap.

LinkedIn ads are very expensive, it’s not cheap at all. If you are selling any kind of cheap info products, don’t risk LinkedIn or else, you will get your fingers burnt.

Again, this is what most ‘LinkedIn marketing gurus’ will not tell you. The other thing that made my campaign work so well was my messaging. In fact, I spoke my prospect pain. They related with my message.

If you want to be in business, you have to generate leads and customers consistently. You can’t grow your business without getting in front of prospects. However, if you want to start LinkedIn campaign, start small. Spend small and scale up.

Anyway, I understand a lot of people won’t know how to take this information and implement it in their business.

So if you want to learn more about how to implement this marketing  funnel in your business and get it right the first time – here’s what to do next:

 Go here and apply for a Funnel Blueprint – we’ll show you how to do it from A to Z.

This is a system you should try in your business and I know you might have question or criticism, feel free to let me know what they are.

If you need help – go here and learn how we can help you right now

Do you think my result is impressive? Drop your comments below.

About the Author

Johnson Emmanuel is a Business Growth & Marketing expert, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & business owners attract high paying clients consistently so they can grow their revenue predictably via online marketing funnels & paid media.

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