MARKETING FUNNEL CASE STUDY: The New  Client Attraction System That  Turns Total Strangers To Loyal Customers Every Single Day, (aka, The Profit Path Funnel)

Growing your business will be easy if you have a client attraction system that will help you generate a steady stream of qualified leads, and that same system should help you convert them to loyal customers, again and again.

I  had some terrible experiences trying to grow my business in the early stage, and that is why I have dedicated the rest of my life to designing and implementing marketing funnels so businesses can predictably and consistently grow their revenue and income without sacrificing their freedom.

I was at a stage where I wake up in the morning and stuff like these starts running through my mind.

‘Where will I get my next customer from?’

‘How do I make sales today?’

‘How do I get a system that will guarantee sales without writing blog post, cold calling or cold emailing?’

All these were the kinds of thoughts that I had before I build my first ever marketing funnel, and I must admit that looking back, it was a ‘horrible’ marketing funnel but it converted.

I can’t use that kind of a marketing funnel now because consumption pattern has never been this sophisticated, and the competition is fierce.

Today, I’m going to show you a marketing funnel that will help you generate floods of qualified leads, convert those leads to happy customers every single day.

It’s so powerful that anytime, you invest $1 on traffic generation, you get $3 back.

Want to get quality clients consistently?

when you have an automated selling machine in place that adds value to your leads and customers…

When you’re able to wake up in the morning and see that more money has shown up your bank account while you were sleeping…

And when you’re able to authentically sell your products or service  WITHOUT being “salesy”…

Then you have the foundation of a high-growth business that can take care of you and your family for years… or even decades to come.

This article will not only show you how to build what I call a ‘MARKETING MACHINE’ or  dependable ‘CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM’, it will also show you how to get all the clients you want and how to recoup your traffic spend.‘

Ok, let me put it differently. This article will show you how to acquire customers for FREE.

How does the word ‘FREE’ sounds? I know it’s a powerful word.

So, I have been experimenting with a new marketing funnel and it’s been awesome. The results have left me completely speechless.

I call it THE PROFIT PATH FUNNEL, and for those of you who have problems with long names, it’s TPPF Method, for short. I think that name is sexy, what do you think?

Anyway, one person (my friend) who uses the same marketing funnel(TPPF method) I’m about to show you schedules 30 Skype calls with his prospects and closes 20 of them on the spot. The program he sales is $997. Just imagine that!

I believe that the fastest way to create wealth is by turning advertising into profit.

This new marketing funnel will not only help you generate qualified leads, it’ll help you convert them in the fastest time possible, I can’t say that enough.

You don’t have a traffic problem because Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc are there to send you all the traffic you need if you are willing to cut a check for them.

However, it’s not enough to buy traffic like most people do…

You just need to have a system that will help you recoup your traffic spend every single time you cut a check for Facebook, LinkedIn or any of those ‘guys’.

I strongly believe that the best way to generate traffic is via paid media and the king of them all as we speak today is Facebook. I like SEO and other free traffic but they’re slow and very unpredictable.

I believe it takes luck to rank (via SEO) and I’m one person who ‘hates’ luck. I believe in creating my own luck.

Anyway, let me show you how the process works.

Again, It’s what I call ‘The Profit Path Funnel‘, TPPF Method, for short.

I’ll really like you to implement this process into your business. If you need help at any point, you can get a free marketing funnel here blueprint session here.

Ok, lets ‘fire’ on!

The Profit Path Funnel system is extremely simple and the purpose of the system is to help you make sales in the fastest time possible without sacrificing your integrity or goodwill in your marketplace.

The TPPF method will help you turn total strangers into customers who will buy your product/services, again and again.

This marketing funnel system ( aka, The profit path funnel) works even if you sell low ticket offers. It’s good to make that clear because some people might be thinking it’s just for high ticket offers.

Ok, let’s talk about how it works…

You send traffic (from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to quality content (like a blog post, podcasts, videos)

You then retarget the traffic on that free content to your lead magnet, aka Freebie, your lead magnet should do two things.

1: Generate leads
2: Qualify the leads because you don’t just want leads, you want qualified leads.


This is the mistake most people make. Leads are not created equal. You don’t just want leads, you need qualified leads who will buy your stuff  in the fastest time possible.

Are we still together?


So, once they get your lead magnet, instead of sending them to a vague ‘Thank You’ page, you just present them with an offer.

I stick with just $9 (but anything less than $37 works) and it’s a 30 minutes video program, call it tripwire or front-end offer, you won’t be wrong.

The goal of the $9 offer is for our relationship to ‘change hands’.

However, this is not the first transaction I’m having with the prospect. The very first was the prospect trusting me with his email address by saying ‘Yes, I like you, please send me more details’.

So, the very first transaction was NOT monetary but I need to change that to a monetary transaction and since the person does not know me too well yet, I’ll offer him low-cost stuff, that way the chances of saying ‘YES’ will be very high.

Get the logic?

Back to the $9 offer. My goal here is to quickly convert the prospect to a customer and also pay Facebook the cost of acquiring that customer.

How awesome is that?

Make no mistake about this, there are three offers here.

1: Your lead magnet. (Non-Monetary)

2: Your $9 offer. (Monetary)

3:Your core-offer or high ticket offer. (Monetary)

Note: if you’re completely uncertain about what kind of lead magnet or product/service to create – I wrote this letter that explains how to get a free strategy call and blueprint to go over all of this.

These three offers MUST be congruent, or else your TPPF method will be broken.

There are several ways to go about this but one quick one is by doing what is called product splintering.  If you already have your core offer, may be $497, $997 or even $5000, you can take some part of it and use as your lead magnet and $9 offer.

Let me break it down since we all don’t assimilate at the same pace.

Your core offer or your high ticket offer (it could be a program or a service), you splinter it. You may just take module 1 and the courses under it as your lead magnet and $9 offer.

Did you get it?


…But this is where the good stuff happen….

I offer a 30 minutes 1:1 strategy session (I have a ‘sexy’ name for it) as a bonus to the $9 program. I really don’t care about the $9 but I need it to recoup my traffic spend.

My main goal is to have a 1:1 strategy session which will lead to me selling my high ticket program. So, I give the ‘free strategy session’ as a bonus to the $9 offer.

One of the BIGGEST  benefits of The profit path funnel (over others) is that it helps you to make the sale in the fastest time possible without losing ‘goodwill’ in the marketplace.

This is game-changing because the prospect (now customer having bought your $9 offer) is more likely to give you more money because he has given you $9 before, so trust is established.

The hardest thing is for a prospect to give your ‘that first payment’, the easiest is to give you more money, over and over again.

In my case, people prefer that (the bonus strategy session added) to the usual free strategy session, even though we like FREE things but we really don’t value them.

Let’s face it, most times people schedule a free strategy session, they don’t show up, and when they do, their conversion isn’t a thing most business owners are proud of.

However, when you package that free strategy session inside your $9 offer, the person is way more like to schedule and attend the session.

If you don’t like 1:1 because you feel the process is too repetitive, I get it. This process will still work for you.

Here’s how…

Before they take you your $9 offer, you tell them upfront that as an added bonus to buyers of ‘my products’, you’ll be invited to an exclusive MASTERCLASS only for people who bought ‘my product’ for $9.

That way, you don’t need a strategy session, especially if what you are selling is less than $3000.

Make sense?

I know what you are thinking.

‘Johnson, People won’t value $9 offer either’ but if people pay even $1 for something, they are more likely going to value it than when it’s 100% free.

It’s crazy but that $9 offer converts at 44%, and one time we saw 61% on one of our client’s marketing funnel who’s in a ‘wild’ niche.

In our case, for every 100 people who take up the $9 offer, 40 of them usually book the free strategy session and 8-10 buy our high ticket program, which starts at $3,000 and guess how much we spend on traffic?


So, how will your life be if after spending $3,500, you get back a minimum of $30,000?

Another person who uses this same process spends $7,000 on traffic buy and makes $20,000 and we are even helping him to optimize that because we believe that his cost of acquisition should come down or the ROI should go up.

Many business owners will kill if they can spend $7000 and get ROI of $20,000.

Anyway, we have a great system to make them show up for the free strategy session. This sequence of email is very important because like I said, I’m not interested in the $9, my concern is selling my high ticket program or core offer.

What about people who don’t do any of these?

The fortune is in the follow-up. We have a system for bringing them back to the same offer and we’ve been blessed to have anything from 18% to 21% conversion every single time.

I understand a lot of people won’t know how to take this information and implement it in their business.

So if you want to learn more about how to implement this funnel in your business and get it right the first time – here’s what to do next:

 Go here and apply for a Funnel Blueprint – we’ll not only give you the lead magnet, $9 offer idea etc, but we’ll create a custom marketing funnel plan for your business that includes all of the other marketing funnel extensions/steps we use like core product campaigns, webinars and much more.

This is a system you should try in your business and I know you might have question or criticism, feel free to let me know what they are.

If you need help – go here and learn how we can help you right now.

About the Author

Johnson Emmanuel is a Business Growth & Marketing expert, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & business owners attract high paying clients consistently so they can grow their revenue predictably via online marketing funnels & paid media.

  • Hi Johnson,

    This is awesome. I learnt so much from this. Thank you.

  • Adam Chamsine says:

    Hi Johnson ,

    how come i dont find any videos about you, are you still in business or out ….

    I am in a search of a complete sales funnel with a high ticket product in the back end and also a built in mechanism where I can leverage other people to create a residual income, i want the funnel to brand me, i don’t have any products of my own. I was involved in too many different programs online but failed in all of them , lost all the money i invested because i wasnt able to get any cash flow going, plus i never liked the idea of promoting someone elses system or program, i would like to be on the other side of the game …..i would like to see what you have created for your clients, i didnt see any links or examples of any funnels that you have created.


    Adam C.

    • Thanks for reading,Adams. We do have a lot of videos and have created hundreds of funnels. Someone will reach out to you.

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