27 Awesome Bloggers & Tools That Changed My Life and Business

There are loads of information on the internet today. Almost  everyone seems to be a ‘guru’. There’s hardly any day I don’t see the word ‘guru’ on sales page these days.

Many of these so called ‘gurus’ even say their blog brings in consistent 6-Figures. This is definitely NOT how  business should be. Are you also tired of all the ‘I’m this’ and ‘I’m that’ kind of thing?

Well, I will be taking the back seat today. I’ll just talk about bloggers and online business owners who are not only making things happen. These guys have impacted my personal life and business.

I’m not just compiling a list of online marketers or bloggers to follow. These guys (& tools) have touched my life,hence  I’m proud to talk about them. All these people are great. I have learnt a lot from each of them. 

So, shall we begin? Let’s do housekeeping stuff first.

I respect and love everyone listed here. They have all touched my life and business. However, I did not give any consideration to numbering.

I just wanted to be clear on that first. So, let’s dig it…

#1: John Lee Dumas is awesome. He’s the founder of EOFire. He was in the US army before he left to start his online business. John is full of excitement and energy.  John proved everyone wrong when he started a daily podcast where he interviews amazing entrepreneurs.

He brought his military training to his online business. No wonder he’s doing so well. He’s made over four million dollars in the past three years. His new book, Freedom Journal did over $400,000 on Kickstarter.

#2: Pat Flynn is the amazing guy behind Smart Passive Income. A great family man. I love his blog and podcast. He ensures you go home with actionable tip. He was an architect. His blog is very popular with over 75,000 email subscribers. I still don’t know how Pat gets into my inbox every single time while many of his friends’ email end up in spam.

Pat, Please share your secret. LOL! This awesome dude smiles to the bank with 6-figures per month. If you want him  as a keynote speaker, be prepared to give him $20,000.

#3: Neil Patel is a GREAT dude. I have learnt a lot from him. I really don’t know where to place Neil. Should I call him a content marketer, SEO specialist, Social Media Marketer, Neil can you bail the cat?

I read his blog post every single day. I really don’t know how he does it but he produces content every single day. When I say content, I don’t mean fluff. I mean great actionable content. He’s the co-founder of some of the smartest tools like Kissmetrics, Crazy egg,Hello Bar. He’s been hired by some of the world’s biggest brand.

#4: Yaro is not a baby when it comes to online marketing. I have also learnt a lot from him. He’s been doing this thing for years. I  love his work. I encourage you to pay Yaro a visit.

#5: Jeff Bullas is my man anytime,any day. Jeff enjoys massive Followership but I’m not surprised. Jeff understands social media  like the back of his hand. He’s grown his blog to over 5Million visitors per year.

#6: Jeff Walker is the creator of the Product Launch Formula. He’s been on the internet since 1996. He knows his stuff like he knows his name. I recommend his training because Jeff is unique.

#7: John Chow talks about money. If you know me, you would also know that I like to talk about money because that’s what I think is the most important metric in a business. If you have enough cash, your business will NOT fail. 

#8: Derek Halpern teaches persuasive selling. He loves talking about psychology and how it influences people’s buying decision. Recently, he talked about how he had a hair cut for $310. he also shared the lessons he learnt.

#9: Brian Dean is the man for all things SEO. He’s a fantastic dude when it comes to SEO. He does not publish a blog post every day but does once in a mouth but all his post are usually epic. Brian believes that it’s not enough to produce a blog post but that the real stuff is in the promotion.

If you have heard the term ‘content upgrade‘, then you should know Brian Dean because he’s the ‘owner’ of that term.

#10: Noah Kegan is the founder of many successful companies. He’s worked with Facebook. I love this guy very much because he is  a ‘doer’. Appsumo, Sumome are some of the great stuff under his belt.

#11: Ryan Deiss is the founder of Digital Marketer.  I  love his blog because he talks about stuff relating to customer acquisition. He’s known for his of three-part email series. Gain,Fear, and Logic. I experimented with it and it was a boom!  Ryan is not a small name in this business.

#12: Ryan Moran is amazon ninja. He makes over $600,000 selling on Amazon. Ryan is the founder of Freedom Fast Learn.   Ryan has a five-step approach to freedom. He said the first is Decision, Cut Out,Expand, Invest and Give back.

#13:  Eben Pagan  knows how to deliver great content. He’s founded many successful businesses. His story is like mine. He was down and his back was on the ground but he did not allow his situation to frustrate him. He refused to allow his background put his back on the ground.Today, Eben is a household name in the marketing space.

#14: Brendon Burchard is one person who knows how to help you turn your skills and expertise into multi-million dollar business.He’s great at what he does. I have learnt a lot from this amazing person. I highly recommend his training. I’m not his affiliate but I think he has some good content. He’s the founder of Expert Academy.

#15: Ray Edwards is a wonderful copy writer who has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins. He’s touched a lot of businesses and made good money as well. I like his spiritual angle to stuff also. He’s not shy to talk about Jesus. I love that.

#16: David Risley teaches people how to maximise revenue from their blog. He has a business model he thinks every blog should use. He says you should sell a tripwire to acquire customer, then move them to a membership portal so that you will be earning reoccurring revenue and start selling your core product. This is what Ryan Deiss also talks about.Although they are not exactly the same.

#17: Ana Hoffam is the founder of Traffic  Generation cafe. If you want actionable content that will help you get traffic, then you must stick with  this amazing lady. She’s good and I mean it.

#18: Ellory Wells is a master at starting a business. He was a corporate rock star before starting his own business. The guy has some  great content and his membership portal is wonderful too if you want to learn how to start a business.

#19: Bryan Harris is one dude who has done amazing stuff online. He’s been able to move from scratch to the Frontline of online marketing. His last launch brought in over $400,000. If you want to learn list building, you will have to turn to Bryan.

Bryan is known for conducting marketing experiment and also sharing his results.

#20: Sujan Patel is a great guy that I fell in love with. He’s great at all things content marketing, growth hacking,etc. I love his tool and it’s mentored below.

My Tools

#1: Hostgator is a great web host. If  you are looking to start your online business or even change your host, I will recommend this guy.

#2: Coschedule is one great tool that I love. If you want to learn How to write a great headline that gets a click, you will have to look at this tool. I have been using it since I discovered it. It has other great features but I love the headline analyzer. 

#3: Buzzsumo is great to know what content has performed best in the past. I use it to get ideas for content that has done well already. It’s a great tool to funnel hacking for me.

#4: Aweber  has been helping me send an email. I love their automation. They have helped me run my business on autopilot. Although I no longer use them. It’s good for a start.

#5: HootSuite helps me automate my social media marketing. It would have been a huge challenge  to manage this stuff myself but this tool has helped me in no small way.

#6: NinjaOutreach  is great if you want to find influencers to share your content. If you want to guest post, this is a tool you should give serious consideration.

#7: Contently: If you want to be a content marketing ninja like me, you will love this tool. It’s great and lovely. It helps you distribute your content.

Conclusively, I know I have not covered the entire list here. There are countless people making great things on the internet. 

If you want to build a good business, you must build a relationship with guys whodo what you want to do. 

Guys, I like to know who you think I’m missing from this list.

About the Author

Johnson Emmanuel is a Business Growth & Marketing expert, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & business owners attract high paying clients consistently so they can grow their revenue predictably via online marketing funnels & paid media.

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