5 Steps Process To Package High-Ticket Program and Generate $200,000 In Days or Less

What if I tell you that you can have more customers than you can handle in the next 90 days, will you believe me? I mean it, will you take me seriously?

If you understand the power of the internet, tripling or even quadrupling your revenue will not be much of an issue. Nothing touches my heart like seeing business owners, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs go broke.

If you follow this post and implement this same process, you should be smiling to the bank within the next 90days. As a matter of fact, growing a business is not hard as people make it seemed.

I honestly don’t see why any business owner or entrepreneur should not have more customers than he/she can handle. Well, I was there before. There was a time that I was ‘begging’ people to come do business with me but as soon as I figured out the strategies, I became the ‘monkey on the tree’ when it comes to attracting  unlimited customers to a business. 

Our client had the same problem countless business owners and entrepreneurs face and guess what that problem is…..you know it. Lack of customers and sales.

In fact, Bloomberg   reports that lack of customer is one of the five reasons 8 out of 10 businesses fail within 18 months. If you can take care of this one singular aspect of your business, others will be much easier.

We now know how to attract unlimited customers and skyrocket our revenue and that of our client so well that  in the last 48 months alone, we have generated $50million+ for businesses.

This was exactly the same sales process we used to help one of our clients (a business consultant) to generate $200,000+ in 2015.  Our client was so pleased that he paid us more than what we have agreed. I will show you the five-step sales funnel that generated that huge sum of money. This is the five steps to six figures sales funnel for 2016 if you are desirous to grow your revenue.

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I know what is going through your mind, will it work in my own business? Yes, if you do it properly, it will work for any business under the sun. So, shall we begin…..

….Let’s dig it!

This process is so simple that you can start generating leads in 24 hours if you do it right.


This is the exact  process and it works wonders. I want us to start ‘chewing’ them one-by-one.

Step #1: Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the best ‘thing’ that has ever happened to me as an online marketer. What do you do on facebook? Chat? Read gossips?…etc

Honestly, I don’t do any of those because my time is limited but truly speaking facebook marketing is the ‘holy grail’ of internet marketing.

It is the ‘koko’ of internet marketing. Here’s a platform of over 1billion people and it allows you target anybody. Facebook targeting helps you to display your ads to the right persons in the right country.

If you know what you doing, you can set up facebook ads and generate leads in 24 hours. What we did was to create a facebook adverts like the one below and  directed it to a landing page.

facebook adverts

Step #2: Landing page

If you want to go broke in record speed, send your visitors straight to a $2,000 offer and they will shame you by not pulling out their wallet but here’s what you should do instead…

Send your traffic or website visitors to a lead magnet on a landing page. Think of your buyer like a woman you just met in a club, will you just ask her to marry you on the spot? Of course not, you would rather want to give first and build up a relationship.

Ensure you have a landing page with a ‘bribe’ you are very sure will appeal to your target audience. This was what we did for our client who is a business consultant. 

80% of all sales are made between 5th and 20th time according to sulata. What this means is that you need an email follow a sequence that will follow up on your buyers. 

Not wanting our client to leave any money on the table, we drove all his visitors to a landing page where he collected their email addresses. 

Step #3: Education & Content Delivery

Since we’ve got the email, we directed our client’s visitors to a video content that was pre-made. The goal of the video content was to educate them about the specific problem  which attracted them to our client.

Note: Give before asking. That was the principle we used. Our client had to properly educate his visitors.

When you educate people before asking them to buy, it becomes easier for them to buy and that was exactly what happened.

Step #4: Application Form

I love the application process because we used it to qualify people. We used the form to get as many information as possible from the applicants. 

The strategy behind this is that we wanted to be sure that we got the right people to the next step (more on that shortly).

Step #5: The Call and Closing the Sales

We have gotten them through all the funnel and this last one is the most important because it is where you get paid for all your effort.

Once an application is received, the next thing my client did was to talk to the prospect one-on-one and because they have gotten a lot of freebies, it was easy to say ‘yes’.

You have to really deliver massive value and help people get clarity about where they really want to go. That is the essence of this call. However, after this call, you then softly pitch your service to the prospect.

That is it, a simple five-step process you can start using to attract unlimited clients to your business today. It works for every niche and I mean any niche under the sun.

This is the most interesting aspect of this whole process.You really have to pay attention to this because it concerns you now.

Now, let’s say you were able to get 1000 clicks from facebook to your landing page, that should not cost you more than $1000. If only 350 opted into your landing page because if your landing page is good, you should be able to convert at 35% (or even more).

Then you should be able to convert 210 people to go watch the video or any content or education you have. Get 56 people to submit their application and convert 14 to clients.

It’s even getting better. So, for every 1000 clicks, you get 14 clients, right? You asking, what about my money, has it vanished? Relax! This is the sweet spot.

If your product is $2,000, you will be making $28,000 every single week. Anyway, that’s what my client  makes but you may not be as experienced as me or my team, right?

What about if you sell 7 products and make $14,000 or if you reduce your price to $1000 and sell 14 products, will that make a difference in your life and business?

If you can follow the steps, you will also end up creating an automated sales funnel that will bring you leads, customers and revenue for life.This is the 5 steps to 6 figures sales funnel for 2016.

I understand a lot of people won’t know how to take this information and implement it in their business.

So if you want to learn more about how to implement this funnel in your business and get it right the first time – here’s what to do next:

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This is a system you should try in your business and I know you might have question or criticism, feel free to let me know what they are.

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About the Author

Johnson Emmanuel is a Business Growth & Marketing expert, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & business owners attract high paying clients consistently so they can grow their revenue predictably via online marketing funnels & paid media.

  • Sam says:

    Thanks Mr Johnson,

    I am in Nigeria, how do I use facebook to generate income and what kind sales or product you know that is peculiar to Nigerians that can help me make income. How then do I go about it. Is there any free product you can generously pass on to me to market to test the ground over here.

    I do appreciate your mails but the truth is that I have not put anything on trial because I don’t know what to sell or how to go about it.


    • Sam, Thanks for stopping by.Well, you can google things up and find out what works for you but if you wantto be successful, you have to be ready to invest in yourself. You want someone to pay you,right? You have to first pay someone to acquire the skills that will pay your bills. Hope that helps.

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