Want To Own A Digital Business That Generate Qualified Leads, Make Sales (Consistently) Without Being ‘Salesy’ or Sacrificing Your Time Freedom?

Get A Done-For-You Sales Funnel That Consistently Converts Total Strangers To LIFE-LONG Customers On Auto-pilot.

From The Desk of Johnson Emmanuel,

Founder/CEO, Clients Attraction

Dear friend,

A sales funnel is the Fastest Path to Increased Revenue, Reliable Cashflow and More Freedom in Your Business but you may NOT even know this.

If you’re serious about growing your business in the fastest time possible, you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to show you, because you’re about to…

‘Steal’ The Exact Sales Funnels That GURANTEES Increased Revenue, Reliable Cashflow And More Freedom In Your Business

I am Johnson Emmanuel, the founder and CEO of ClientsAttraction.com and I've been the “scientist” behind many of the most successful product launches in this industry.

So far I’ve built over 100 different sales funnels across 20 different niches.

And I did this for clients of all caliber – we’ve worked with six and seven figure business owners (and entrepreneurs) as well as complete beginners.

My clients and products have been featured in places like CNN, ABC News, Fox News,  etc.

client attraction system

And sure, all of this sounds impressive, but what I am most proud of is that I’ve found a way to not only grow businesses & revenue, but also live a very stress-free life with a lot of time freedom.

Having built so many sales funnels in such diverse industries and for clients from various backgrounds, I’ve discovered that there is a HUGE difference between just making a lot of money online but also having the time to enjoy the freedom that the money brings you.

That’s why I strongly believe that the only real way to run an online business is by…

“Using A Completely ‘Hands-Free’ System To Sell Digital Products & Services”

If you’ve been in the “make money online” industry for some time now, you probably noticed how all of the ‘gurus’ sell their own digital products & services.

In the programs they sell, they might teach you how to make money by doing this and that, but at the end of the day, when you look at what they’re doing to make the bulk of their money, you’ll notice that it all comes down to selling digital products or services

And it’s no wonder they have major success doing so as the online information industry is growing at a tremendous pace.

This is the best time to be born because…

According to Ibisworld, Just the consulting Niche is worth $253 billion dollars in yearly revenue with an expected growth rate of 5.6% yearly.

…And almost everyone is a consultant including you, my friend.

People are turning to non-formal ways of education and are spending more and more time consuming information online, which all works in our advantage.

According to Ibisworld, Business coaching is worth $12 billon yearly, and with a yearly growth rate of 3.4%.

Life coaching Industry is worth $8 billion in yearly revenue, and a yearly growth rate of 4.3%.

The sports coaching industry is worth $6billion in yearly revenue and 2.6% yearly growth rate.

The dating industry is worth $4billion in yearly revenue, and an estimated growth rate of 5.7%.

…All this are just in the US market alone.

And it even keeps getting better because…

Online information companies like Audible was sold to Amazon for $300 million. Lynda.com, another information company was sold for $1.5 billion dollars to LinkedIn.

What I found was that there’s a unique approach for starting and running an information business that, when used properly, turns total strangers into ‘cash cow’ machine like clockwork, and faster than anything else out there I’ve ever seen.

This Unique approach is based on a…

“Proven Three-Step Formula That Easily Generates Sales On Autopilot”


Design, Create & Launch A Digital Product Or Service That Provides MASSIVE Value

A digital product is typically released in the form of an eBook, audio or video.

Since there’s nothing to be shipped, a digital product allows you to have location freedom without having to worry about shipping your products as they’ll be automatically delivered online.

You decide what you want to charge for your product or service. If you are like most of my clients, you would change $9, $997 and $3000-$5000 or even more.

The best part is, you don’t even have to create 100% of your product, you can structure it in such a way that you get paid for creating the product or service, if you don’t have an existing one already.

How cool is that?


Identify Your Ideal Clients Who Are Ready to be committed to their own result, and are willing to pay you what you are worth.

This is the fun side of things.

It’s simple, you just identify your most profitable prospects who have the money to pay you, and who are also ready to take action on your product or service.

If either of these two elements are missing, you won’t be able to build a 6 or 7 figures business.


Create Proven Marketing & Sales Funnel Campaigns That Turns Ice-Cold Traffic Into Sales Like Clockwork

Finally, to achieve the money freedom you’re yearning for, you need access to proven-to-work marketing funnel that you can simply plug in and watch as they convert into sales.

Your sales funnel is the engine of your business. It’s what’s going to take in the traffic and convert it into dollar signs. Having an autopilot, hands-free sales funnel is key to achieving time freedom.

Not just generic sales and marketing funnels, I mean a customized marketing funnels because two businesses are NOT the same, no matter how similar they look.

“You Are Just One Step Away From The Success You Need In Your Life”

When you have a high converting product and sales funnel, you can PROFITABLY build your business, grow your email list, and enjoy easy profits any time you choose.

I honestly believe all it takes for you to get the breakthrough you’ve been looking for online and start making money, is one digital product with a powerful sales funnel behind it.

And the reason why I believe this is true is because I’ve seen first-hand how many of my clients got their breakthrough as soon as they implemented this formula.

Now, while I’m proud of the multiple seven-figure launches I made happen, I am most proud of being able to help beginners make a breakthrough in this industry and earn a living online that has enabled them to truly live the freedom  lifestyle.

“Here’s The Kind Of Success My Students And Clients Have Achieved With My Help”

Marvin Oldford

 It is still shocking to me how easy it is to move from $3,000 per month to $43,432 within 38days after you built my marketing funnel. Your work really changed my life, thank you, Johnson Emmanuel.

Bryan Schachetele

  I had an awesome conversation with Johnson Emmanuel about ways I could improve my marketing funnels. He gave me some fantastic ideas that will help me 3x my revenue (and my results have so far been amazing), Johnson sincerely wants to help people be successful in their business and I can't recommend him enough. BIG KUDOS to you, Johnson Emmanuel. You truly rock!

Rushang Chauhan

Great Job , Johnson!  I just closed the third sales in 6days at  $5,000 each. Dude, this is Awesome!  Your system works like gangbusters. Thanks for your help.

“Here’s How Joining My ‘Automated Business Inner Circle’ Can Help You Too”

It’s simple. I want to do for you the exact same thing I did for many of my successful clients.

I want to create an in-demand digital product, engineer and deploy a powerful, state-of-the-art sales funnel for you, that uses the latest marketing techniques and technology to pull in traffic, leads and sales like clockwork.

In short, I want to help you get your digital information business up and running on complete autopilot, so you too can enjoy financial and time freedom.

“Why Would You Want This?”

You probably know the answer to that better than I do.

· If you’re sick and tired of buying the latest “shiny” object in the marketplace

· If you’re done chasing shortcuts

· If you’re done paying for “success coaching” and never getting what you paid for

· If you’re done listening to empty promises

· If you understand chasing after short-term profits is NOT the solution

…then you NEED a business that:

· Will consistently and predictably bring you long-term profits day in and day out.

· Sells your very OWN product or service so you can keep 100% of the sales you make and gives you a HIGH TICKET backend.

· Is engineered based on tested and proven marketing campaigns and strategies that are sure to get you a high ROI in the fastest time possible.

.Offers failproof guidance, support and coaching from a seven figure digital business and sales funnel expert

Here’s What Happens When You Join My “Automated Business Inner Circle”

If you are accepted to join, we’ll kick things into overdrive and begin working with you on your very own digital business right away.

As a client, you'll have my entire company behind you. These are the same people that have worked on many of my own six and seven figure projects.

I realize every single one of my clients is different. They have different wants, needs, experiences and desires...

Which is why I make sure I understand what you truly want from this business.

You get full access to every blueprint, technique, training, Formula, Software I own.

“Here’s Exactly What My Team And I Will Build For You”


Design, Package & Launch Your Program or service.

Unless you already have an existing product, but if you don’t, we’ll work with you to assist you design, package and launch your own digital product or service.

We have a proven system already, so you can be sure there’s no need for testing things anymore.


Identify Your Best Prospects Who are More Likely going to buy your Program or service.

We’ll help you identify your best paying prospects who have the money to buy your products or service, that way, you’ll not be wasting your time with ‘tired kickers’ who will NEVER buy.

So, you can be sure that your success is GUARANTEED, and the major reason people fail is because they don’t get this right.

The ‘worst thing’ you will ever do is to place your offer in front of the wrong people. In fact, it’s the guaranteed way to go broke super fast. You don’t want to place your ads in front of the wrong people. We’ll PERSONALLY help you determine this.

All your leads and prospect are NOT created equal. You need client who can pay you what you are worth and be ready to be committed to their own transformation.

We’ll help you with your video scripting, the copies of your email, preview and review your webinars and all your videos, We’ll do every single thing for you!

We’ll go ahead to show you how to get qualified leads for free and build authority in your market-place.

Yes, I mean, you will get FREE TRAFFIC! These Campaigns Are Just The Beginning!


Engineer And Deploy A Sales Funnel That Will Work On Autopilot

Your sales funnel is the engine of your business. It’s what’s going to take in the traffic and convert it into sales. Having an autopilot, hands-free sales funnel is key to achieving time freedom.

You need your own custom, high converting funnel that brands you, positions you and moves your prospects through a series of offers.


Killer Lead Magnets To Build Your List FAST

I’m sure you’ve heard that “the money is in the list”… and it’s true. Being able to send one email and bring in thousands of dollars in cash is nothing to sneeze at.

That’s why we’ll give you free reports and “product launch style” videos that will have visitors bowled over by your amazing free content, and rushing to give you their email address so you can sell them again, and again, and again…


Cash-Sucking Copy for Your Sales Page, Upsell Page, Squeeze Page, and Much More

We’ll deliver sales pages, VSL scripts, squeeze page templates, and more…

Good copywriters are almost impossible to find – and are booked out for months when you can get them – but our in-house team are some of the best in the business, and work EXCLUSIVELY for me and my clients…

On top of all that, all these pages will be beautifully designed by my award-winning design team, all to achieve the higher conversions possible.


A Massively Profitable Evergreen Sales Webinar

If you want to make maximum money in 2016, you NEED a sales webinar setup. Some of our clients have even used these same webinars to generate MILLIONS.

That’s why we script, create, and automate an “evergreen” webinar setup for you, so your business can effortlessly turn prospects into customers faster than you can blink...


Our Unique Behavior-Based Email Marketing System

Fusing cash-producing copy with our unique “SMART” behavior-based technology, our autoresponder system doesn’t just give you a bunch of automated emails that make your customers want your products… it ALSO ensures they only get the right email at the right time to ensure customer frustration is non-existent, and sales are through the roof!


Payment Processor Intergration

You need to collect payment, right? We’ll integrate all your payment gateway so that you can be paid via cards or PayPal.


Authority Blog Setup

Your Very Own Authority Blog logs are a powerful tool for not only getting traffic, but positioning yourself as an expert, building rapport with subscribers and indirectly selling.

As a client we’ll set you up with a premium WordPress blog, with a premium blog theme, and get it SEO optimised for high Google rankings.

With our high end packages we build you strategically structured blog post sequences that provide value to your subscribers and pre-sell your offers. After building out your blog, and posts;

We'll tie them all in with your email sequence, so people will click back to your site after opting in. This is how you create responsive leads.

But even that’s not all…

We’ll help you do every single thing, you don’t have to lift a finger because we have you covered. I mean, we will really do It for you. We’ll NOT ‘bog you down’ with ‘how to do it’, it’s DONE-FOR-YOU!

The Automated (or Evergreen) Webinar System

This is one of our ‘hidden secrets’. It’s ‘goldmine’. It’s one of our most power campaign structures of all time. You can use it to generate new leads and turn them into customers immediately…

…Also you can use it as a back end campaign structure to upsell existing customers. I've deployed the Automated Webinar system for all kinds of clients across multiple niches with great success.

As an example, I helped a client (a realtor) deploy this campaign to sell physical properties and one of the automated webinar campaigns resulted in 12 properties being sold ...all from traffic on Facebook.

I helped another client in the dating industry develop this system and she generated $122,870 in less than 60days. In fact, she had to ‘turn off’ the system because she could not handle the request. It was the first time in her life to generate some HUGE amount of money.

I helped a client in the financial service industry to develop this same system and he consistently made over $250,000 from the insurance agents we recruited for him with this same system. We just drove traffic from an industry related magazine and the result was ‘crazy’. This campaign works like gangbusters to sell any products like coaching, consulting, and info-products.

But what you're getting is that this is Not the usual webinar campaign everyone out there uses. It’s comes complete with Indoctrination sequences, Objection Handling sequences, one time Offer, and a Countdown Sequence …

All of which can increase conversion dramatically

…and all of which you won’t find anywhere else!

But that’s not all I’m setting up for you.

You’re also getting …

Emergency Cash Machine

This campaign is priceless and is used exclusively for generating fast sales in a short period by deploying a campaign to an existing list. So, if you need ‘quick money’, this is it.

I've seen it used all kinds of markets from physical products to software. I have used it in different types of markets, from ‘coaching’, ‘consulting’ to real estate, etc. Most times, when I'm working with a new client who has an existing list, one of the first things I do for him is to create and deploy an Emergency Cash Machine campaign because it can produce almost instant sales.

Next, you’re getting …

The Goodwill Campaign

This is the way we ‘sell’. Why this is so powerful is because of the psychology behind it. You can use it as a "front end" to build a list and convert them into paying clients and you can use it as a "buffer" between marketing sequences to sell ancillary products.

You really don’t have to be a ‘pushy’ seller, this is what happens when we get working together.

Next, you’ll get…

The ‘Secret Offer’ Campaign

See, the campaigns we install for you all come with behavioral tracking, which means that you'll know exactly how much of your content each person in your database actually consumes.

And that lets you know who your hottest leads are. So what this campaign does is it identifies people who are "on the fence" ...meaning they've seen your videos, they've read your articles, they've attended your webinars ...whatever it may be ...but they still haven't bought your product, program or service.

And what it does next is, it simulates an actual email conversation between the prospect and you ...finding out if they're interested in buying, offering them a special reason to buy now, and closing the sale.

Don’t you like that?

See, the system can then place them in any particular sequence you want ...or it can turn them over to you (or a sales person) so you can close them on the phone, by email, or by Skype.

And it does all of this automatically …based on how they behave!

This campaign is my "go to" machine for consistently closing high-ticket sales and for increasing the performance of every single campaign.

The point is that, it works.

… And when we talk, my office will explain exactly when you should deploy it based on what you're selling and how your business is currently set up.

The Profit Path Funnel​

The profit path funnel is AWESOME! It helps you recoup your traffic spend almost immediately, making the cost of customer acquisition, ZERO.​

The power is great and it has been deployed in some unbelievable niche, and the result is awesome. As an example, we use it for one of our clients who's in a 'wild' niche, he was able to book 30 apportionment on the phone, an he ended up closing 20 of them, each paying $997.

What was the cost of traffic spend? Just $7000.

However, that brought back $20,000​

The truth is that, it works, period!

Next, you are getting…

Financial Clarity

I’ll start by helping you get really, really clear on your financial goal. Yes, we’ll work out your financial goal and how to crush it in the shortest and fastest possible way. We’ll also help you look into your offer and price point.

We’ll then use that to determine the exact price point that will help you hit that financial goal, very fast. The next thing we’ll help you do is to determine your best work. I mean something that you love so much that, something you can do for free and still feel fulfilled.

Sure, I know you may have many of such things…

However, I’ll help you drill it down to three. Yes, three things that gives your clients or customers, the fastest and quickest result. Not too worry, I’ll show you how you can give your clients the fastest result than they can get themselves.

We are not done yet…

We Combine These Campaigns To Create A Unique Marketing Campaign For Your Business! And it's designed specifically for you, and is unique for your business.

If they opt in but don't consume your content, you'll have a unique sequence automatically deployed to get them to reengage (and buy!) If they don't buy from the first campaign, you'll have an automated sequence designed to sell them another product.

If they watch all your videos but still don't buy, you'll have the ‘secret’ offer.

If you need a quick cash surge, you’ve got the Emergency cash Machine.

Plus, once they've bought, you'll have automated back-end sequences, upsells, and more.

Literally ...you can deploy a marketing sequence for every imaginable scenario ...automatically ...using what we build for you.

Pretty cool, huh?

But it’s about to get 500 times cooler because…

We Also Give You Website Blueprint ...For Every Campaign!

We give you blueprint for your opt-in pages, your webinar registration pages, your video sales letter pages, your launch pages, your content pages ...everything.

When we work together, we're literally doing 99% of the “heavy lifting" for you ...so all you have to do is tweak the copy on your web page templates, add your own content, and BOOM! You're off to the races.

And remember - every campaign comes with my email frameworks BUILT IN FOR YOU so all you have to do is tweak each message you want and press "go".

Everything else is done for you. All the opt in forms are built and integrated for you, all the templates are built, pre-installed, integrated, and "plugged in" to each campaign for you, and everything is set up and ready to go.

All you need to do is add your own content and make it relevant to your business.

And We Even Help You Do That, Too!

Here's how that works:

Once we've created and installed all your building block campaigns, activated your web-pages, integrated everything, and plugged all your pages into each campaign for you, it's time to show you how to use your new marketing machine. And we do it two ways.

First, you get …


I’ve personally created on-demand video training for you showing you how to use and deploy each campaign. I walk you through the psychology, the copy formulas, and show you the subtle tweaks that make them so powerful. Plus, I “prescribe” specific campaigns for specific purposes.

For example, looking to enter a new segment of your market and want to build a list quickly? I show you how to choose the best campaign for your business type and traffic source.

Have a list and need a quick boost in sales? No problem, I show you which campaign is best based on what you’re selling.

It’s just like having me right there with you as your co-pilot … guiding you through every step of the way.

It Keeps Getting Better,

Just because we build and install your campaigns for you and I personally give you on-demand coaching training for the campaign doesn’t mean we’re finished.

Far from it!

You’re also getting …


Every week, we hold an implementation call that’s devoted to one thing: Getting your results.

If you have a tech question, we’re here.

If you want feedback on a campaign, we’re here.

If you want to create something new, we’re here.

If you want to troubleshoot something, we’re here.

It’s Like You Get To “Kidnap” My Tech Team Every Week …Without Having To Pay The Six-Figure Overhead!

This way,  we've got your back every step of the way.

“Here’s What My Clients Have To Say About Working With  us And Having Me (& my team) Build Their Sales Funnels From Scratch”

Then this industry expert said....

“But There's A Catch For Making This Work For You...”

Look, I know my sales funnels can help anyone, but I never said it was meant for everyone…

I simply can’t and won’t work with just anyone. I’m only taking on a maximum of  10 clients every month.

I’d love to be able to take on more, but due to the nature of the service I’m providing, it’s physically impossible for my team to work with more than 10 clients every month.

I know a lot of people do ‘fake’ scarcity to make people take action. We don’t do that here because we DO NOT trade integrity for revenue here.

When we say ONLY 10, we mean NOT more than 10 in whatsoever situation.

This page gets over 1400 daily visits from new visitors, so your chances of are getting one of these coveted spots are very slime if you are NOT an action taker.

So, don’t leave this page until you take action.

In order to qualify to work with me...

“You Need To Meet The Following Strict (But Reasonable) Conditions.

1. No push-button software or “get rich quick” schemes

I’m only look to work with people who are ethical and want to make an honest income online. I will not work with anyone promoting a “get rich quick” scheme, selling push-button software, “adult space” or any other weird stuff I don’t believe in.

2. Be ready to invest in your business

This is not another $7 or $47 eBook. If you’re interested in building a REAL business and starting your online empire, you need to understand that there’s an investment involved.

If you’re just looking for the next “get rich quick” program online, then this most definitely isn’t for you. Please move along.

3. You MUST be willing to follow instructions

If you’re not willing to actually implement the stuff we’ll build and show you, and actually take action, then this is not for you.

You have to be motivated, persistent and willing to do what we advise you to in order to succeed.

That’s it! If you meet the criteria above,
then here’s what I want you to do next…

“Apply For A Profitable Sales Funnel Strategy Session With My Me Personally”

Here’s how the process works…

First, I’ll need you to fill in an application.

And don’t worry, it’s nothing too long or complicated. I just need to get an idea of who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve.

Once you fill out your application,  I will personally review it to see if you’re a good fit.

If we decide you are, we will take it up from there.

The call will be between 30 to 45 minutes and it’s with me personally. The goal of the call is to establish exactly what you want to accomplish and to see if we can help you get there.

So this is definitely not a sales pitch in disguise. We will listen to what you have to say and if we think we can help – great! We can talk about how to get started.

But if we think we’re not a good fit, we’ll politely tell you so. We'll not work with just anybody. We'll work with the best, the only best.

“The Funnel Is Guaranteed To Turn Every $1 Into $3, Or I’ll Work On Your Funnel Until It Does, For FREE

“Here’s What We Offer And How Much It Costs”

The price obviously depends on a lot of factors and once we speak, I will help you decide which one of our packages is right for you.

However, the cheapest package we offer starts at $2,500 and goes up from there...

And If the first thing you’re thinking now is that this is too much money, then this probably isn’t for you

You need to understand that there is a financial commitment involved in order to build and deploy your very own digital product business.


Custom Package For Scaling & Only 2 Slots Available. Fully Setup in 30days

  • 60-120 Minutes Strategy Session
  • ​Lead Magnet Creation
  • Tripe Wire Product Collaboration Creation
  • 100%  of All Sales Copy written & DONE FOR YOU-All Sales Letters, Videos Sales Letter ,Headlines, Emails,Titles, etc.
  • 100% Build Out of all web pages. The Landing Page, Webinar Registration Page, Thank You Page, Sales Page,3 Part Video Series Page, High Ticket Application Page, etc.
  • Complete Design from Ad to Final Offer
  • 3-5 Headline Alternative for each offer
  • 100% Behavioral Email Sequence Programming 
  • ​Evergreen Webinar Setup
  • ​Video Sales Letter Script
  • ​Webinar Presentation Script
  • Webinar Follow Up Script
  • 100% Platform Integration (Active Campaign, Ontraport or Infusionsoft, etc.
  • 100% Payment Processor Integration
  • 100% Deliverable & Membership Sites Integration (members site or program content creation is INCLUDED)
  • 100% Web & Video Hosting (Ongoing Fees May Apply)
  • ​Custom 12 Months Plan
  • Blog Setup &  Articles To Promote Offers
  • Exit Intent Set-up
  • Premium Graphics Designs
  • Product/Service  Package
  • The Good-Will Campaign
  • The 'Secret Offer' Campaign
  • The Profit Path Funnel
  • Financial Goals Blueprint
  • On-Demand Training Video
  • Re-marketing Pixel Integration
  • Live Weekly Coaching & Support
  • One Complete Round of Funnel Testing & Optimization


Payment Plan Avialable


This Is Business Growth Package & The Most Popular. Fully Setup in 45Days

  • ​60-90 Minutes Strategy Session
  • ​Lead Magnet Creation
  • Tripe Wire Product Collaboration Creation
  • 100% of All Sales Copy written & DONE FOR YOU-All Sales Letters, Video Sales Letter Pages, Headlines, Emails, Titles, etc.
  • 100% Build Out of All webpages. The  Landing Page, Webinar Registration Page, Thank You Page, Sales Page, 3 Part Video Series Pages, High Ticket Application Pages,etc
  • Complete Design from Ad to Final Offer
  • 1-3 Headline Alternative for each offer
  • 100% Behavioral Email Sequence Programming
  • Evergreen Webinar Setup
  • Video Sales Letter Script
  • Webinar  Presentation Script
  • Webinar Follow-Up Script
  • 100% Platform Integration with Active Campaign
  • Custom 6Months Plan
  • ​Evergreen Video Launch Series Setup
  • ​100% Payment Processor Integration
  • 100$ Membership Site  Intergration but program Content INCLUDED
  • ​100% Web  & Video Hosting (Ongoing Fees May Apply)
  • Blog Setup & Articles To Promote Offers
  • Exit Intent Set-up
  • Premium Graphics Designs
  • ​Product/Service Package
  • The Good-Will Campaign
  • ​The Secret Offer Campaign
  • The Profit Path Funnel
  • ​Financial Goals Blueprint
  • On-Demand Training Video​
  • Re-Marketing Pixel Integration


Payment Plan Avialable


For Those Starting Out & Want To Grow In The Fastest Time. Fully Setup in 60Days.

  • 30-60 Minutes Strategy Session
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • ​Tripe Wire Product Collaboration Creation
  • ​100% of All Sales Copy Script GIVEN TO YOU(Not done for you)- All the Sales Letter, Video Sales Letter Pages, Headlines, Email Tittle, etc.
  • ​100% Build Out of All web pages. The Landing Page, Webinar Registration Page, Thank You Page, Sales Page, 3 Parts Video Series Page, High Ticket Application Page, etc.
  • ​Complete Design From Ad to Final Offer
  • ​1 Headline For Each Offer
  • 100% Behavioral Email Sequence Programming
  • ​Evergreen Webinar Setup
  • ​Webinar Presentation Script
  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2


Payment Plan Avialable

“The Funnel Is Guaranteed To Turn Every $1 Into $3, Or I’ll Work On Your Funnel Until It Does, For FREE”


As I mentioned above, the number of people I can work with is extremely limited. I can only work with a maximum of 10 people each month because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it’s physically impossible to work with more than 10 people.

So if you feel like this is right for you. If you would like us to build you a high converting product and sales funnel, you need to act immediately.

Click the button below, leave your application...

and let’s make it happen!

Ready to get started?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Johnson Emmanuel