Website Review Checklist: 10 Ingredients Of A Website That Attracts Customers & Sales

If you are doing business online, the starting point is your website. As a matter of fact, your website is the gateway to your online business. If you don’t have these ingredients on your website, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table. So, this website review checklist will guild you.

Today, I will be showing you these ingredients your website MUST have if you want to have a website that converts ice cold prospects into raving fans and loyal customers.

So, are we good to go? Don’t worry, it won’t be like academic research. It will be an interesting read. I promise!

#1: Unique Selling Proposition

I have seen too many people make this terrible mistake. You see, your website must have something that makes you stand out from your competitor. Here’s the thing, If I come to your website, I should be clear on what you’re offering in less than two minutes.

Every website that attracts customers and sales have this ingredient. Whatever your USP is, it should be benefit driven. Here’s what I mean… 

John lee dumas

The screenshot above is the website of John Lee Dumas, my GREAT friend.That website has a unique and straightforward USP.

Your website visitors should know what you do  and you should be able to tell people what you do in less than one minute.

Your USP must be very short, it must express the value of what your target visitors desires and of course, It must awaken curiosity.

#2: Social Proof

You need a form of social proof on your website. People want to trust you when they visit your website. Your goal should be to make them trust you but how do you do this…Social proofs.

When people land on your website,sales page or landing page, they don’t know if you will keep the promise you are making. It’s social proof that makes them relax and browses through your website or landing page.

There are various ways you can use social proof on your website or landing page. You can use customers testimonial, large social media following, huge email list, a logo of media houses you or your customers have been featured, case studies, a number of shares, numbers of customers/users/download, trust seal,etc.

#3: Headline & Sales Copy

This is where people get it wrong, you should avoid it at all cost. Your headline should awaken desire in your target audience and it should speak directly to them.

Grab attention so they are encouraged to read on. You should define the problem, call out the customers, tell them you can solve the problem and how you are going to solve it. No matter how good your web copies are, if they don’t take action…it’s a complete failure. We will talk about Call to action later in this post.

#4: Design

Your design must be modern, simple and should encourage the visitors to focus on the content. Don’t clutter your website with unnecessary photos, it kills conversion.

As a matter of fact, every single page should have a purpose. One page, one goal. Don’t be tempted to ask your web visitors to do more than one thing on one page.

When people are presented with too many options, they end up not taking any. So, you want to reduce the options you give.

#5: Call To Action

You must have a clear call to action on all your pages. There are different calls to action. It could be to collect email from your audience, download your apps, start a free trial, whatever you do, don’t forget to have a call to action.

If you do everything and fail at this, you will blame yourself later

#6: Sales Funnel

Here’s the thing, the sales funnel is the machine that runs your business on autopilot. Your goal should be to have your web visitor take a particular action and take them through a sales funnel/process. 

Mariah coz does this so well. when you land on her homepage, she offers you the option to either start a free email course or read her blog. If you decide to start her free email course,she pitches you a product upon the completion of that course. I think that’s a great thing to do.

#7: Technology

You have to be very careful about what technology to pick. If your website loads fast, it will encourage visitors to stay on your website. The #1 place to start with is to ensure you pick a good web host. 

I know that Hostgator  (affiliate link) is a great web host and I encourage you to try them out.  Ensure your site loads fast and has uptime.

Don’t make it too complicated for yourself. You can use any CMS to power your website, however, so many people are using WordPress. Don’t forget to ensure your host can backup your website/landing page, resolve any browser compatibility issues.

#8: Content and Blog

You need content on your website because it establishes you as an expert in your marketplace. It even helps you to convert ordinary visitors to raving fans and loyal customers.

Google will even appreciate you if you have great content. How will they do that? Reward you by placing you top above your competitors.

Hubspot reports that 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. In fact 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog. Can you see how powerful a blog is?

However, there are some things you must be aware of when you try to publish content.

  • Don’t make the content about you, it should be about your customer.
  • Don’t go technical, people hate techie stuff. Keep it stupid simple.
  • Don’t be generic, have a viewpoint. It helps people to trust you
  • Your content should be mix with visuals, people get tired easily with text.
  • Your content should awaken desire in your prospects.
  • Place yourself in the shoe of your customers, find out their problem and solve it with your content.

# 9: Personalization

Your website should reflect you. Here’s the truth, nobody wants to do business with a corporation. We all want to do business with a person, you should reflect that in your website. 

You have to make your presence felt throughout your web page. The founder should have his bio displayed on the site since he/she is the face of the business. 

Having your physical contact/mail address is a great addition except if you are a very popular person, then you can be excused. You also need a great story about your business. How and why you started it, not forgetting the problem you are trying to solve in your marketplace.

# 10: Information

One major mistake you don’t want to make is to neglect to add important pages or information on your website. By that, I mean stuff like your email address, phone number, products/services, 

Making your website working for you is very important and if you follow the above steps, you should be good.

Conclusively, Don’t be caught with your pant down. If you want your website to attract customers and skyrocket your sales, you really have to go through it again.

If you think you need to pay attention to your physical office, then you should pay more attention to your website, landing page or sales page because it’s the gateway to your business.

There is no reason why you should not attract your target customers if you follow what I just  these ten steps.

I want to hear from you my dear friend, have I been able to show you the mistakes you have been making on your website? I like to hear from you!

About the Author

Johnson Emmanuel is a Business Growth & Marketing expert, he helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & business owners attract high paying clients consistently so they can grow their revenue predictably via online marketing funnels & paid media.

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