‘Are You Frustrated with your Website  Conversion,Leads/Sales…’

…Relax! My Review Service will boost your website conversion…resulting in more Sales and Revenue for your Business.


I have heard it from different people who have businesses online. Their complain always go like this;

‘My website have huge traffic but i have not been able to sell any thing to my audience’ ‘i have been online for X years but nothings to show for it’ ‘i don’t seem to know how to have more email subcripbers’  etc.

I really get to hear thing all the time and it makes me sad, very sad. Why? Entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners are busy people and i think they should be rewarded for the time they spend trying to grow their business online.

STOP! Don’t Quit yet!

I am Johnson Emmanuel, the founder of KorieFusion. My clients say am ‘notorious’ for driving consistent profitable traffic and revenue to online businesses.

You are in luck today as my review  program will accelerate your website conversion which will help you make extra sales and revenue even if you decide not to drive in further traffic.

I will tear your website apart. Yes, you heard that right. So, if you don’t like to hear  bitter truth, if you are faint at heart, then we will NOT be a fit.

When I am done reviewing your website, the GATEWAY to the FLOODGATE of consistent qualified leads, sales and revenue will be unlocked.

My website Review program is right for you if;

1: You are on the verge of launching or starting an online business and you want to make sure your website/blog is awesome

2: You are not satisfied at the level your website is converting and you want to make it better

3: You don’t know how to convert your website visitors to email subscribers and/or raving fans and loyal customers

4: You want the leading website optimizer with years of experience to have a second look at your website

5: You are new in the online marketing world but you really want to have a successful business online.

… or you are even confused about what to do to increase your website conversion.

Yes! I can help you. I have done it for many other people and businesses like you before. Don’t take my word for it.

How About Special Messages From This Awesome People


Bryan Schachtele I just had an awesome conversation with Johnson Emmanuel about ways that I can improve the messaging on my website. He gave me fantastic advice and sincerely wants to help people be successful with their businesses. BIG KUDOS and THANKS to Johnson’

Jeanine Nicole Cerundolo ‘Johnson worked like a lightning bolt- he was incredibly perceptive, speedy, and direct in offering his expert advice and perspective on how to improve my website. Using his extensive knowledge of both technical strategies as well as sales approaches, he provided insight on how to move forward to the next level of professionalism online. He was intent on delivering the hard and fast truth so that my webpage could more effectively convey my message and connect with my audience. I recommend Johnson and his work!’

Julian Yong ‘Thanks Johnson Emmanuel for being so patient . You gave excellent tips to help me improve my site, actionable stuff that I can work on immediately. Great website review there!’

Rushang Chauhan  Thank you very much Johnson Emmanuel for providing me valuable recommendations on my website’

I will use industry best practicing to review your website and provide you with tones of insights on;

1: Increased social proof to create popularity perception for your website

2: Creating better trust, credibility boosters and risk reducers to make even your first time visitors to buy from you

3: Improve your web usability, user experience, navigation and forms for your website

4: Headlines, texts, call to action to motivate people to click

 You Will Also Get the Following from Me;

1: The Live Interactive Website Review session & the recording of it

2: Expert Website Optimizer fresh and unique perspective of your homepage or landing page and/or key pages to boost your sales

3: I will provide solution for key issues that are killing your optimal conversion rate on your website

4: PDF reports telling you key things to optimize first and 25 minutes follow up calls to help you progress and improve your website further.

My clients & I have been seen on…

ht1ht2ht3jh4ht4jh1It is not just enough to have a website, you need someone like me to look through each of your pages with and point out all the things inhibiting the growth of your business. You need more revenue right? I will help you get it.

jk1Danny J Johnson 
‘So grateful for Johnson Emmanuel this morning… he took time to give me some fantastic pointers, not only for my site, but WHAT DO I WANT TO USE IT FOR?!

A lot of things seemed obvious, but then it was good to hear from outside eyes looking in, and he really helped me realize I need to dig deep and get very, very, clear for new visitors. Thank you Johnson, for clear, actionable steps, and great explanations!’

BAD NEWS!  Due to time constrain for me, i only accept 17 people every 90days.  So, if you want this program, order one of the packages below now. If you miss this opportunity, you will be leaving alot of money on the table for the next 90days and there is no guarantee that you will even be accepted because i usually get over 100 applications. So, get a package NOW.

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How does the website review work?

1: After you order, we agree on a mutual time and date to perform the live website review.
2: You then complete a simple review questionnaire about your site objectives, goals, competitors
3: The live website conversion review is performed with you on a recorded Skype call.
4: After the review, you get the recording and summary reports sent within 24 and 72 hours.
5: You then implement my recommendations – and watch your sales skyrocket.